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Joetsu City

Not yet published in the guidebooks! Exhibition of deep-sea fish “Higenaga Yagiuo” Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari

An unknown new face joins the display! A rare fish “Higenaga Yagiuo” has been discovered, whose detailed ecology has not been…

Joetsu City

Region Plaza Joetsu Ice Arena has opened from Saturday, September 26th!

Winter sports ahead of the winter season! Region Plaza Joetsu skating rink “Ice Arena” in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture opened on…

Joetsu City

Enjoy a taste of Naoetsu! “New Halpin” ramen is available online! Orders only through social media.

You can enjoy the long-established taste at home! Did you know that the long-established ramen shop “New Halpin”, which represents…

Joetsu City

Artists from the prefecture will bring excitement! Commemoration of the 26th Anniversary of PATIO!

Hinata, Your Friends, Rafvery ♪ An event celebrating the 26th anniversary of PATIO’s founding will be held on September 26th…

Joetsu City

Up to half price discount with GoTo! Day tours centering around Ryotei Ukiyo

You can choose from thirteen types of day tours! A one-day tour to experience the history and culture of Joetsu…

Joetsu City

Backcountry Tour “Hikarigahara Kogen Cat tours” Photo Exhibition ⛷ Itakura-Ward, Joetsu City)

Enter the silver world of powder snow! A photo exhibition introducing the backcountry tour “Hikarigahara Cat tours” is held every winter…

Joetsu City

Good news for cyclists! “New Cycling station” at Marine Hotel Hamanasu in Kakizaki-Ward

A photo spot that looks great on a bicycle! At the accommodation facility “Marine Hotel Hamanasu” in Kakizaki-Ward, Joetsu City,…

Joetsu City

【MOVIE】A pure white carpet! The best time for buckwheat flowers at Hikarigahara Kogen

Soothing autumn scenery, taken with a drone! Buckwheat flowers are in full bloom on the Hikarigahara Plateau in Itakura Ward,…

Joetsu City

?A soft and flaky autumn taste has arrived! The famous “roasted chestnuts” have started to be sold at the store (Sanwa-Ward, Joetsu City)

By ripening the chestnuts in ice storage, the sugar content is tripled! Grape, saury, matsutake mushrooms … What kind of foods…

Joetsu City

A lot of handmade products! “Mono BOX” is open for a limited time!

It’s crammed full of lovely items! A new shop “Mono BOX”, that sells handmade accessories and bags, has opened for…

Joetsu City

Photo Contest Discovering the charms of Naoetsu

Scenery, events, cultural heritage… Would you like to capture the wonderful scenery of Naoetsu in a photo? Naoetsu, Niigata Prefecture,…

Joetsu City

Lifting of the ban on seafloor trawling!
The seafood of the Sea of Japan at local fish shops

High grade fish: Nodoguro(Blackthroat seaperch): fresh and fatty! The ban on seafloor trawling in the Sea of Japan was lifted…