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Joetsu City

Joetsu City

Enjoy two flavors at once!
“Nidai Shogun Bento(lunch box)” released on July 18th (Joetsu City)

A peerless double serving! A new ekiben has been created by “Hotel Hi-Mart” in front of Naoetsu Station in Joetsu…

Joetsu City

Pudding specialty shop “Yuki no Ka Terrace”
3rd anniversary celebration! (Yamato, Joetsu City)

Deeply grateful for the support of the locals! The “Yuki no Ka Terrace” 3rd anniversary celebration is being held until…

Joetsu City

Lots of big berries! Kotake confectionery’s “Sandpan”
A limited time offer!

Blueberries are overflowing from the fluffy bread! Kotake Confectionery, which manufactures and sells “Sandpan(bread)”, a soul food of Joetsu City,…

Joetsu City

Echigo Tokimeki Railway is participating in“Tetsuincho”
A stamp book for connecting local railways nationwide! Now on sale!

Collect original stamps from 40 local railways nationwide! A service to issue station original stamps called “Tetsuin” at local railways…

Joetsu City

Kubiki Sake Brewery released “Tsuchi DAICHI”
(Kakizaki-ward, Joetsu City)

Enjoy the land of Kakizaki! Kubiki Sake Brewery in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, has released the 5th “Tsuchi DAICHI” in…

Joetsu City

Japanese sweets restaurant “Anmido” is opened for a limited time (afternoon only)
at “Ukiyo” (3 Nakamachi, Joetsu City)

The perfect sweets for a Japanese garden! You can enjoy Japanese sweets at “Wagashi Dokoro Anmido” a new service offered…

Joetsu City

East exit of Joetsu Myoko Station
A lounge will be opened!

Please have a comfortable waiting time! At the east exit of Joetsu Myoko Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen in Joetsu…

Joetsu City

July 5th is Takada Opening Day Special edition
“Gojoin(castle signature)” limited availability

This is THE THING to get for any true fan! The 5th of July is “Takada Opening Day”, which is…

Joetsu City

Gold prize at the “Iwanohara Vineyard”
Wine competition for the third consecutive year! (Joetsu City)

Women choose to drink Zenbei wine! The red and white wines from the “Iwanohara Vineyard” winery in Joetsu City, Niigata…

Joetsu City

A special plan that allows you to enjoy Blackthroat seaperch (Nodoguro)
at Marine Hotel Hamanasu! (Kakizaki-Ward, Joetsu City)

The sea, hot springs, sunsets and seaperch (Nodoguro) are waiting for you! The “Hamanasu Seaperch Plan” will be available at…

Joetsu City

The 360-degree panoramic view is rewarding!
Let’s climb Yoneyama

Welcome to the sacred mountain at an elevation at the base of 993m! Yoneyama is also known as the Mount…

Joetsu City

Accommodation campaign in Joetsu City! Save up to 30% on your stay

Let’s stay together and support the accommodation! In response to the cancellation of self-restraint for crossing prefectural borders, a campaign…