Short summers and long winters. Region closed off due to snow, the winter culture that developed independently is still active and alive to this day.

For example the preserved food culture or the solid and tenacious characters of the people that live there. Come to "Yukiguni" - the snow country and experience Japan that you just cannot get in the cities.

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  2. Introducing Joetsu Myoko, the gateway to “Yukiguni” – the snow country


Highlights of the snow country

Food culture

Japanese sake, miso, and soy sauce… Preserved food and fermented food culture born in the unique climate of the snow country. The wisdom and the know-how of preservation are still alive to this day. The food culture which developed to survive the harsh winters are drawing attention as health-foods. The proud town of fermentation is located, right in the snow country.

There is a culture to eat sharks in Joetsu. Jellied or fried in breadcrumbs are the typical cooking methods.

Living in a snow country

The winter day begins with shoveling and clearing of the snow. Clearing the paths using shovels, snow pushers, and snowblowers. “Ryusetsuko” or “snow drains” are active in some areas. A drainage-type facility that flushes away snow with the rapidly flowing water.

Various ideas unique to the snow country, such as the piping system on main roads that pump groundwater to melt the snow, and vertical traffic lights to prevent the accumulation of snow.

The people of snow country accept the incredibly large quantities of snow and have adapted their lives to co-exist.

Plants in parks and gardens are protected from the cold using a “Fuyu- kakoi” or a snow cover to protect the plants from snow and prevent branch breakages from the weight of the snow. This beautiful appearance cherished as a traditional scenery of the winter snow country.

Climate and scenery

“Gangi” – or the covered walkways The extended eaves of the houses adjacent to the main road. The Gangi road ensures the passage of pedestrians during the winter. A symbolic sight of the snow country.

The climate on the sea of Japan side is divided clearly into the four seasons. In winter there is very little sun with one of the largest snowfall volumes in the country.

The cherry blossom watching in the evening, the lotus flowers, the rural scenery, the sunset over the sea of Japan, there are plenty more to see and do in Takada, in seasons other than the winter season.

Access to Joetsu Myoko, the gateway to the snow country