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Joetsu City Aquarium Museum “Umigatari” Christmas event now being held!



If you’re lucky … you might meet a Santa diver!

At the Municipal Aquarium Museum “Umigatari” in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, Christmas-related exhibitions have begun on December 5, and visitors are enjoying a Christmas feeling a little earlier.


 A 4m high Christmas tree was exhibited in the hall on the 3rd floor.


At the venue, there is also an aquarium displaying colorful Christmas-colored creatures such as red and white. This shrimp with a red body and white toes is a Lysmata debelius shrimp. It is also called Santa Shrimp because of its color scheme.



And this glass tree.



If you look closely, you will find a moon jellyfish of about 1 cm.



The one that surprised the visitors was Santa Claus, who appeared from the back of the aquarium. A diver who cleans the aquarium once a day appears in the form of Santa Claus. The time and place of appearance are secret, and it is a premium attraction that only lucky people can enjoy.


A spokeswoman for Umigatari said, “It’s going to get colder, but please enjoy it in a warm room with Umigatari.”


The Umigatari Christmas event is open until the 25th of this month. Umigari also holds a winter-only dolphin performance. Please enjoy this when you come to the museum.

Joetsu Aquarium Museum Umigatari

Address: 2-15-15 Gochi, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 025-543-2449
URL: http://www.umigatari.jp/joetsu/

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