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Joetsu City

【MOVIE】Autumn tradition: Salmon fishing has begun at the Kuwadori River
(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

This year’s salmon fishing has begun at the mouth of the Kuwadori River, which flows through the northwestern part of…

Joetsu City

Sekikawa riverbank: One million cosmos are in full bloom! (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

The cosmos are in full bloom along the riverbank of the Seki River, which runs through Joetsu City near National…

Joetsu City

A blended sake from 14 breweries in Joetsu and Myoko! SAKE Festival limited “Sogakari” will be released on Saturday, October 23rd.

The “Mini Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival 2021” will be held in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture on October 23rd (Sat) and…

Joetsu City

Enjoy the taste of autumn on the resort train “SETSUGEKKA”!
Now accepting reservations for”Yukimachi Kikou”.

Why don’t you enjoy an evening on SETSUGEKKA while waiting for the arrival of winter? Echigo Tokimeki Railway will operate a special…

Joetsu City

Toki Tetsu “Holiday Tour Pass” will be on sale from October 14th
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railway opening.

One year left until “the railway 150th anniversary of opening”! Echigo Tokimeki Railway will release “the 150th Anniversary of the…

Joetsu City

Iwanohara Vineyard begins wine preparation using Muscat Bailey A!
(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

Wine preparation using Muscat Bailey A began on the 6th October at Iwanohara Vineyard in the north of Joetsu City, Niigata…

Joetsu City

“Roasted chestnuts” are on sale at Miyazawa Chestnut Farm in Kitadai, Sanwa-Ward!
(Sanwa-Ward, Joetsu City)

Sweet and delicious autumn taste From the 15th of September, the popular “roasted chestnuts” began to be sold at Miyazawa…

Joetsu City

“Railway Festival” will be held on Saturday, 18th at the venue of the morning market! (Naoetsu, Joetsu City)

Morning market x Echigo Tokimeki Railway collaboration event! The “Morning Market Railway Festival” will be held on Saturday, 18th at…

Joetsu City

Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival Limited Sake
“Kurumagakari 2021” has been Completed!

The finest product prepared in the snow storage! The limited sake “Kurumagakari 2021” made for the big autumn event “Echigo…

Joetsu City

[Video] A flower field that shines high in the sky! The best time to see the flowers near the Hikarigahara Plateau (Itakura-Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

 Buckwheat flowers are in full bloom on the Hikarigahara Plateau in Itakuraku-ku, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. Buckwheat is planted…

Joetsu City

“Yukigetsu Hana” Winter Special Service Popular Takada & Arai Course Reservation starts from 8th (Wednesday)

Would you like to enjoy the atmosphere of a snowy country? Reservations for the January and February winter special service…

Joetsu City

Toki Tetsu “455 from morning to evening”
Experience a long-distance express train trip from the Showa era!
Now accepting reservations

Would you like to enjoy a long-distance express train trip from the Showa era? Echigo Tokimeki Railway will start the…