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Sado City

Sado City

MUJI’s mobile sales bus again this year near Ogi Port, Sado Island! Starts on Friday, March 29 (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

MUJI products are also available on Sado Island! The MUJI Naoetsu mobile sales bus will travel to Sado again this…

Sado City

Onogame The best time to see the Tobishima kanzo! (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

Early summer has arrived on Sado Island! The flowers of the tobishima kanzo (Ligustrum japonicum) are at their best in…

Sado City

We’re getting orders from all over the country for the taste of Joetsu Myoko! Yukiguni Shoten Online Shop(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

The bounty of the snow country reaches the whole country! Yukiguni Shoten, which sells local products from the Joetsu Myoko…

Sado City

Sado trip! ⑧ Very delicious dessert “Camembert soft”
“Milk Pot (Sado Nyugyo: Dairy company)”

Enjoy delicious milk from Sado! It is “Sado Nyugyo” in Nakaoku, Sado City.  Adjacent to the head office is Sado…

Sado City

Sado trip! ⑦ It’s like a Hollywood movie⁉
Fantasy experience with magic glasses “ISLAND MIRRORGE”

Beyond time and space, to a magical world where historical heritage and another world intersect! A new attraction “ISLAND MIRRORGE” was…

Sado City

Sado trip! ⑥ “Rare Taiyaki” is made by local moms
“Fresh Space Yorankaya” made by a local mother

A lot of delicious Sado food! If you go to Sado, you should definitely stop by the direct sales office. …

Sado City

Sado trip! ⑤ The blessings of Sado
Making the finest rice balls, “Meoto-iwa Sightseeing”

The Wife rock (left) 23.1 meters  The Husband rock (right) 22.6 meters This is the “Meoto-iwa” (meaning “couple” and “rock”)…

Sado City

Sado trip! ④ Take a ride through “Shukunegi Village” by rental cycle ♬

Go to Shukunegi Village on an electrically-assisted bicycle! We recommend renting a bicycle to enjoy the Ogi area of Sado…

Sado City

Sado trip! ③ Craft Cola in a historic building
“Kihachiya Goro Cafe”

You can taste Sado’s new specialty at a nostalgic cafe! “Kihachiya Goro Cafe” is located in a corner of the…

Sado City

Sado trip! ② Surprising and emotional sound! Sado Island Taiko Centre “Tatakoukan” (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

Why don’t you try traditional Japanese drums? The Sado Island Taiko Centre “Tatakoukan” is located about 10 minutes by car…

Sado City

Sado trip! ① 75-minute cruise on a high-speed Jetfoil
“Sado Kisen” (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

Travel to Sado by “Sea Airplane, Jetfoil(Hydrofoil boat)”! To travel from the main island to Sado, take the Sado Kisen….

Sado City

Summer vacation Special Plan!
Enjoy Sado with a great round-trip ticket and experience pack (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

About 10 minutes by car from Ogi Port! Experience drumming and sea kayaking in Sado as a memory of your…