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    “Kihachiya Goro Cafe”

Sado trip! ③ Craft Cola in a historic building
“Kihachiya Goro Cafe”



You can taste Sado’s new specialty at a nostalgic cafe!

“Kihachiya Goro Cafe” is located in a corner of the city, about a 7-minute walk from Ogi Port in Sado City.  Actually, this shop is not an ordinary cafe.  In fact, it is a historical building with a long history and is designated as a national registered tangible cultural property.

This building was an inn that had been in operation since the Meiji era(1868~1912).  Even now, the atmosphere of that time remains, and the feeling of nostalgia is everywhere.

The building is a five-story wooden building, but only the first floor is open to the public as a cafe.  Inside the cafe, there are remnants of the time of the inn, such as an old telephone booth and a manual elevator that was actually used.

Old phone booth


Manual elevator

Normally, you can only visit the 1st floor, but this time we have the opportunity to take a special tour of the upper floors.

Originally this building was a two-story building, but in 1945 the 3rd to 5th floors were added.  At that time, they were added on to the top of the building, so the original roof remains inside the building.

This is called “Kobabuki roof”.  In the old days, roof tiles were expensive, so wooden boards were placed on the roof instead.

Previously, the scenic spots Yajima and Kyojima could be seen from the 2nd floor.  However, the surrounding buildings became taller, blocking the view, so the 3rd to 5th floors were added. The 4th and 5th floors were used as guest rooms.

After learning about the history of the building, you can enjoy some delicious cuisine.

Flying fish salad pizza 760 yen (tax included)

The owner’s recommendation is “Flying Fish Salad Pizza” using Sado’s soul food.  Sado’s soul food, “flying fish surimi(fish paste)”, is placed on top of the pizza dough and  it is served with plenty of fresh salad.

Flying fish is a very popular ingredient in Sado.  It’s usual to use surimi as a fish ball to make miso soup …

For pizza, the surimi is thinly spread and baked crispy as the topped on the pizza.  It goes well with soft pizza dough.  Not only the dough, but also the mayonnaise-based dressing and sweet chili sauce, which are key contributors to the taste, are all homemade.

Ogi Craft Coke 500 yen (tax included)

The next recommendation is the much-talked-about craft cola.  “Ogi Craft Cola” is made using ingredients harvested in the Ogi area.

It has a modest sweetness, but it has a gentle taste using natural ingredients.  The flavor is cola!   Using chili pepper, ginger, lemon, etc. as a secret ingredient, it is a spicy and healthy drink.

The unique taste is very popular with men and women of all ages.

Baguette toast 360 yen (tax included)

Lastly, we will introduce the exquisite sweet “Baguette Toast”.  On a baguette from a popular bakery in Sado, there is plenty of fresh cream from Sado Dairy, homemade sour cream made from yogurt, and a special sauce made from seasonal fruits from Sado.  This time, it is topped with strawberry sauce from the Hamochi area.  The crispy toast and sweet and sour strawberry sauce go great together. Please eat with Ogi Craft Coke.

JCV’s life information program “Smile one”.  The broadcast from September 5th to September 11th was a special edition “Sado Journey! -Part 1-” jointly planned by Sado City, Sado Kisen, Sado Television, and Joetsu Cable Vision.  We will deliver Sado’s charms for you to enjoy as the corona virus pandemic settles down!

* The program can be viewed by premium members of Joetsu Myoko Town Information.

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Kihachiya Goro Cafe

■ Business hours: 10: 30-17: 00 ■ Regular holidays: Mondays and Tuesdays, irregular holidays

Address: 56-1 Ogimachi, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 090-1031-7835

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