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Myoko City

Myoko City

We’re getting orders from all over the country for the taste of Joetsu Myoko! Yukiguni Shoten Online Shop(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

The bounty of the snow country reaches the whole country! Yukiguni Shoten, which sells local products from the Joetsu Myoko…

Myoko City

New Myoko Fermented Gelato on Sale! Five kinds including Kanzuri, Miso and Sake (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

You can only buy them at the Myoko Kogen Tourist Information Center! Five unique gelatos using Myoko City’s fermented foods,…

Myoko City

Unlimited Ride on the Echigo-Tokimeki Railway! Year-end and New Year’s Holiday Tour Pass on Sale!

Last ride and first ride on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway! The Echigo Tokimeki Railway will release the “2021 End of…

Myoko City

<Niigata Ski Resort Guide 2022-2023>Kyukamura Myoko Runrun Ski Area(Myoko City)/vol.12

Support for Kids’ Slope Debut!    December 24 – March 31 Kyukamura Myoko is an accommodation facility located in Sekiyama,…

Myoko City

<Niigata Ski Resort Guide 2022-2023>Seki Onsen Ski Resort(Myoko City)/vol.11

A gathering of core fans! Top-class ski resort with heavy snowfall December 24 – May 5 Seki Onsen Ski Resort…

Myoko City

Freshly squeezed raw sake made with local ingredients “Tengu no Kakushizake Nawabashiri” will be released on Wednesday, December 22nd.

We are particular about the materials used in the former Myokomura area! The sake “Myoko Tengu no Kakushisake Naawbashiri”, which…

Myoko City

Resort train “SETSUGEKKA” We are accepting reservations for the luxurious “Night Premium Course”!

Why don’t you spend the end of the year with SETSUGEKKA? The “Night Premium Course”, where you can enjoy kaiseki…

Myoko City

A blended sake from 14 breweries in Joetsu and Myoko! SAKE Festival limited “Sogakari” will be released on Saturday, October 23rd.

The “Mini Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival 2021” will be held in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture on October 23rd (Sat) and…

Myoko City

Enjoy the taste of autumn on the resort train “SETSUGEKKA”!
Now accepting reservations for”Yukimachi Kikou”.

Why don’t you enjoy an evening on SETSUGEKKA while waiting for the arrival of winter? Echigo Tokimeki Railway will operate a special…

Myoko City

Toki Tetsu “Holiday Tour Pass” will be on sale from October 14th
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railway opening.

One year left until “the railway 150th anniversary of opening”! Echigo Tokimeki Railway will release “the 150th Anniversary of the…

Myoko City

Myoko Togakushi renzan National Park
“Myoko Kogen Visitor Center” is temporarily opened!
(Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

The concept is “relax and enjoy nature” The “Myoko Kogen Visitor Center” is adjacent to Ikenotaira, Imori Pond, Myoko City, Niigata…

Myoko City

Great value ticket that can be used at four ski resorts in Myoko Kogen!
“The Mt. Myoko Super Season Pass” is now on sale! (Niigata Prefecture)

Save more than 100,000 yen compared to buying a season ticket  at each of the four ski resorts! Early bird…