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February only!
Come on! Big eaters!
– Honcho Gachimori Festival –

Nine restaurants around the Honcho shopping street in Takada have menus for dishes more than three times the normal size….


[Special dish of the month] Best match “Ajimoromi” for rice!

Pick up the specialties of the Joetsu area recommended by the editorial department!This month we will introduce “Ajimoromi,” a rice…


【MOVIE】The best tour to enjoy the Japanese powder snow “JAPOW”!

Welcome to the winter silver world! Just skiing at the ski resort is not enough. Here is the ultimate tour…


Very Photogenic!
Exposing Chili Peppers to the Snow in Myoko city!

Do you know the spicy condiment “Kanzuri”? January 20th is said to be the coldest day of the year in…


【MOVIE】Snow Drainage System!!
The Strong Ally in the Snow Country

Filmed on January 26, 2018 Takada district in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, is an area of Japan that has heavy…


A traditional lucky charm
You can hold it in your palm!

A cute lucky charm for Japan’s Little New Year  “Chinkoro” is a familiar lucky charm of Koshogatsu in the snow…


Myoko Physalis Fruit
Amazing Aroma! Impressive taste!

Fruit grown in the Yukiguni(Snowy country)! Have you ever heard of the edible physalis fruit grown in Myoko City?  Are…


Suginosawa, Myoko City
“Dynamite Carnival”
January 18th (Sat)

Myoko winter! A Night of Fantasy! “Dynamite Carnival” is one of the biggest events in winter in the Suginosawa area…


Hot in the snowy country!
Originating from Joetsu “Yukimuro Sakekasu Ramen”

New ramen originating from the snow country of Joetsu! Japanese ramen is popular among noodle lovers all around the world….


【Movie】Immediately from Takada Station!
Experience Japanese culture at Honcho Shopping Street

Introducing the appeal of Honcho Shopping Street in Joetsu City with a video! Takada is located 40 minutes by train…


【Movie】Some ski areas in Myoko opened on December 25!

The long-awaited 2019-2020 season has begun! The opening of some ski resorts in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, had been postponed…


Come on New Year’s Day!The New Year’s sunrise at a ski resort in Myoko City

At three ski resorts in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, the gondolas open early in the morning so you can enjoy…