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    Photo Contest! (Nou, Itoigawa City)

“Lighthouse for Lovers”
Photo Contest! (Nou, Itoigawa City)



We are looking for photo works with the theme of Nou Port Lighthouse (Lighthouse for Lovers) !!

Do you know the Nou Port Lighthouse in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture?

It is a lighthouse on the remote island “Benteniwa”, located just off the coast of Nou district, Itoigawa city.  It was certified as a “Lighthouse for Lovers” by the Nippon Romanticist Association in August 2016, because it was evaluated as a beacon that quietly watches over fishing boats that enter and leave the fishing port, and is also appreciated by couples who come to the beach.

The contest is held every year by the Itoigawa City Tourism Association, and this is the fourth time. It is hoped that the beautiful scenery with the motif of Nou Port Lighthouse can be widely known after being certified as a “Lighthouse for Lovers”.糸魚川市

The works we are looking for are printed in A4 size and are for unpublished original works.  Anyone, professional or amateur, can apply.  A prize of 20,000 yen will be given as the grand prize.  To apply, please mail the application form (available from the Itoigawa Tourism Association website) and photographs to the Tourism Association Nou Branch.  The deadline is September 30, 2020 (Wednesday).

The person in charge Mr. Sugawara said, “I would like to widely promote the scenery certified as a Lighthouse for Lovers as an attractive new tourist spot.”  The results will be announced around the end of October on the Itoigawa City Tourism Association website.

Lighthouse for lovers Photo Contest
■ Deadline for application: Wednesday, September 30 *Postmarks will be valid on the day
■ Inquiry: Nou Chamber of Commerce 025-566-2244

Lighthouse for lovers (Benteniwa)