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Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Enjoy the taste of autumn on the resort train “SETSUGEKKA”!
Now accepting reservations for”Yukimachi Kikou”.

Why don’t you enjoy an evening on SETSUGEKKA while waiting for the arrival of winter? Echigo Tokimeki Railway will operate a special…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Toki Tetsu “Holiday Tour Pass” will be on sale from October 14th
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railway opening.

One year left until “the railway 150th anniversary of opening”! Echigo Tokimeki Railway will release “the 150th Anniversary of the…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

“Yukigetsu Hana” Winter Special Service Popular Takada & Arai Course Reservation starts from 8th (Wednesday)

Would you like to enjoy the atmosphere of a snowy country? Reservations for the January and February winter special service…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Toki Tetsu “455 from morning to evening”
Experience a long-distance express train trip from the Showa era!
Now accepting reservations

Would you like to enjoy a long-distance express train trip from the Showa era? Echigo Tokimeki Railway will start the…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Toki Tetsu “Setsugekka” Winter special service
Reservations start from September 1st!

Would you like to take  a luxurious trip? Reservations for the special winter service of the Echigo Tokimeki Railway, Resort Train…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

“Kintaro train”: revival of the national railway era!
New operation started on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway (Joetsu area, Niigata prefecture)

It shines in the snowy landscape! The red and yellow train, which was once familiar on the Shin-Etsu Line of the…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Hokuhoku Line & Tokitetsu Joint Project Tour in September
Reservations have started to be accepted!

Two tours will be operated in September, jointly planned by the Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line and the Echigo Tokimeki Railway. …

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Tokitetsu Summer special project “Cheers !! Summer Express” will soon be in operation!
Reservations are being accepted

“Echigo Tokimeki Railway”, which runs in the Joetsu region of Niigata prefecture, will operate “Cheers !! Summer Express”, the first special…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Enjoy the sunset and cuisine on the resort train “Setsugekka”!

Enjoy the spectacular view of twilight! “~Voyage au coucher du soleil~Twilight Travelogue” will be held on the resort train “Setsugekka”…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

You can get on the steam locomotive at Naoetsu station! Rail Park opens at the end of April

See, touch and experience the SL locomotive “D51”! At Naoetsu Station on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway, which runs in the…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Denim fabric!
Tokitetsu “Tetsuin Book” will be on sale from November 28th

The casual design is perfect for traveling! The local railway “Echigo Tokimeki Railway” that runs in the Joetsu region of Niigata…

Echigo Tokimeki Railway

Tokitetsu Steam Locomotion “Degoichi” unveiling event
Participants invited! Application deadline is November 18th (Wednesday)

You can enjoy the whole Steam Locomotion experience sooner and closer than anyone else! The unveiling event of the “D51 steam locomotive”…