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Yukikuni Shoten

Yukikuni Shoten

Yukiguni Shoten” opens at CoCoLo Niigata on May 29! (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)

There is also a corner where you can drink local sake on the spot! Yukiguni Shoten, which sells local sake…

Yukikuni Shoten

Online Shop”Yukiguni Shoten”We’ve started direct delivery of seasonal fruits!

We deliver fresh fruit from Joetsu Myoko! The online store of Yukiguni Shoten, which sells products from Joetsu Myoko in…

Yukikuni Shoten

Online store “Yukiguni Shoten”Three of the most popular products!

Last December, Yukiguni Shoten opened an online store in Yurakucho, Tokyo, selling products from Joetsu City and Myoko City in…

Yukikuni Shoten

We’re getting orders from all over the country for the taste of Joetsu Myoko! Yukiguni Shoten Online Shop(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

The bounty of the snow country reaches the whole country! Yukiguni Shoten, which sells local products from the Joetsu Myoko…

Yukikuni Shoten

Yukiguni Shoten” Online Shop Now Open! Selling special assortment sets!

Bringing Delicious Snow Country to the Nation! The online store of Yukikuni Shoten, which sells specialty products from the Joetsu…

Yukikuni Shoten

You can buy limited sake in Tokyo!”Niigata Sake No Jin Limited Sake Festival” Held on March 13th and 14th

We sell limited sake brewed for “2021 Niigata Sake No Jin” There are four antenna shops in Tokyo that sell…

Yukikuni Shoten

A lineup of special products of Joetsu Myoko in Tokyo! “Yukiguni Shoten(Snow country store)” opened!

Enjoy the local specialties of the snow country! “Yukiguni Shoten(Snow country store)”, is a store that sells special products from…