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Nadachi Ward

Nadachi Ward

Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki“Nadachi-Ward”open to the public!

Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki” combines photos, animation, and video, and now a new episode “Nadachi-Ward” is available! Yukiguni Journey is a tourism…

Nadachi Ward

Picking up trash like a game? Participants in the “Seisouchu” campaign are being recruited(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)

In September, the “Seisouchu Joetsu version” event will be held at Umiterasu Nadachi, a roadside station in Nadachi- Ward, Joetsu…

Nadachi Ward

Snow Light in the Mountain Village! Candlelight “Corridor of Light” Saturday, February 26

A winter poem in Joetsu, 100,000 candles invite you to a fantasy. The “Corridor of Light” is a major winter…

Nadachi Ward

Introducing the charm of the nature-rich Nadachi district
“Nadachi-Ward Photo Fair” (Joetsu City)

Let’s enjoy learning photography and experience the charm of Nadachi! The NPO “Developing Nadachi Over The Next 100 Years Association”…

Nadachi Ward

Spa facility “Nadachi no Yu Yurara”A great value bathing and meal set “Furomeshi Pack” is now available!

The day-use spa  facility “Nadachi no Yu Yurara” at the roadside station “Umiterasu Nadachi” adjacent to the Sea of Japan. …

Nadachi Ward

Hotel Korin‘s Specialty!
“Choose Your Own” Fresh Seafood Kaiseki Plan
One night, 2 Meals, Only ¥8,800!

Choose & Eat Fresh Seafood! At Hotel Korin, a roadside station called “Umi Terrace Nadachi” in Nadachi-Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata…

Nadachi Ward

Umiterasu Nadachi Popular seawater pool opens on July 23rd!

The outdoor seawater pool at the road station “Umiterasu Nadachi” in Nadachi Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture will open on…

Nadachi Ward

【MOVIE】Full bloom in April
Wild cherry blossoms
Uyama, Nadachi Ward, Joetsu City

The cherry blossoms that bloom in Uyama, Nadachi Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, are in full bloom this year. Uyama…