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Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki“Nadachi-Ward”open to the public!



Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki” combines photos, animation, and video, and now a new episode “Nadachi-Ward” is available!

Yukiguni Journey is a tourism information website that provides information on the lifestyle, food culture, and attractions of the Joetsu region of snow country to the rest of Japan and the world.A new episode “Nadachi-Ward” of the popular “Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki” corner is now available on the website.

Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki (Nadachi-Ward version)

What is “Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki”?

In this corner, Jimi, a freelance photographer and backpacker, and Ella from Australia, an ALT at an elementary school in Joetsu City, go out to the Joetsu Myoko area and Sado Island to introduce various spots.There are many attractions that even the locals do not know about in the discoveries that only a foreigner can make.

The two have now published 19 town tours that combine photos, animation, and video, starting with Takada and including Naoetsu, Myoko, Itakura, Sado, Kiyosato, and others.

Iwayado Kannondo

In the newly added ” Nadachi-Ward version”, Ella and Jimi visit Nadachi-Ward, the westernmost town in Joetsu City.

seaside park

Nadachi-Ward is an area rich in nature, with National Route 8 running along the coast, the sea, and mountains.

Nadachi restaurant

Ella and Jimi visit the Iwayado Kannondo, a temple with a legendary spiritual significance, play to their heart’s content at Seaside Park and Roadside Station Umiterasu Nadachi, and enjoy gourmet food at a diner along Route 8 and a candy shop known only to those in the know.

Rediscover the charm of Nadachi-Ward and use it as a reference for your spring excursions.

New episodes will be uploaded one after another. Stay tuned!

Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki

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