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Myoko Plateau

Myoko Plateau

Mizubasho (Asian skunk-cabbage) at Imori-ike pond, already in its 5th bloom, will be at its best next week (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture).

Spring Fairy: 100,000 Mizubashou plants Mizubasho, a spring fairy, has begun blooming about two weeks earlier than usual at Imori…

Myoko Plateau

Spring Flower Hike & Bird Watching!

Flower hiking, bird watching, and other events are being planned at the Myoko Plateau Visitor Center, which had its grand…

Myoko Plateau

Exhibits renewed! Myoko Plateau Visitor Center opens on Friday, April 1.

 The gateway to Myoko Togakushi National Park! The Myoko Plateau Visitor Center, located at Imori-ike Pond in Myoko Plateau, Myoko…

Myoko Plateau

New Myoko Fermented Gelato on Sale! Five kinds including Kanzuri, Miso and Sake (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

You can only buy them at the Myoko Kogen Tourist Information Center! Five unique gelatos using Myoko City’s fermented foods,…

Myoko Plateau

“Myoko Kogen Liner” service that connects Joetsu Myoko Station and the ski resort of Myoko Kogen

When you get off the Hokuriku Shinkansen, take a bus to Myoko’s proud powder slope! The Keinan Bus, which runs…

Myoko Plateau

Present the charm of Myoko in pictures and photos! “Shikisai Art Exhibition”
(Myoko Kogen Messe, Myoko City)

A world that can stir great emotions with its beauty! The annual “Shikisai (Four Seasons) Art Exhibition” is being held…