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Supporting the Earthquake Disaster through Fun and Laughter! Shinshu Pro Wrestling at New Mass Diner on Sunday, January 28



Shinshu Pro Wrestling, an amateur wrestling organization active in Nagano Prefecture, will hold a “Noto Peninsula Earthquake Support Match for Joetsu” on Sunday, the 28th of this month in the parking lot of the popular ramen restaurant “Shokudo New Misa” in Nakago Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. Spectating is free of charge.


Shinshu Pro Wrestling” is a professional wrestling company founded by Mr. Great Mucha, a member of the Nagano Prefectural Assembly and the current representative of Shinshu Pro Wrestling, to “Energize Nagano! Bring smiles to the faces of all children! and “Bring smiles to all children’s faces! Aiming to be the best entertainment in Nagano Prefecture, this amateur wrestling organization holds pro-wrestling matches throughout the prefecture, and is appreciated for its safety-first, scripted comedy wrestling matches and fun performances that involve the entire audience.

Cafeteria New Mass

This time, in addition to supporting the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake, we decided to hold a wrestling event with the cooperation of Shokudo New Misa, a ramen restaurant in Nakago Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which has supported Shinshu Pro Wrestling for over 10 years, in order to dispel the mood of self-restraint after the disaster.

Ten Shinshu Pro Wrestling athletes will participate in the event, which will feature two rubber band matches in the morning and afternoon, fought in a ring surrounded by rubber bands.

In addition, “Shiruko with Kanazawa gold leaf” (200 yen) and “Shokudo New Misa’s special yakisoba (fried noodles)” (200 yen) will be sold at the venue as part of the reconstruction assistance menu. All proceeds will be donated to the affected areas. In addition, Shokudo New Msa is planning to hold a soup kitchen in the affected areas in a few months, and is looking for volunteer members to help out at that time.

Shinshu Pro Wrestling Ring Representative Great Mucha
We, Shinshu Pro Wrestling, went to Sakae Village in northern Nagano Prefecture 13 years ago, the morning after the Great East Japan Earthquake, to play wrestling at an evacuation center one week later, even though we were prepared to be told it was inappropriate. At the evacuation center, people said, “You made me laugh for the first time in a long time! I felt that the mood of self-restraint was caused by people being extra cautious, and I felt the power of entertainment. I hope that everyone will feel that sentiment this time as well.”

Shinshu Pro Wrestling
Noto Peninsula Earthquake Joetsu Support Match
Date:January 28th (Sun.) 1st 11:00~, 2nd 14:30~.
Venue: Shokudo New Mass parking lot (367 Inariyama, Nakago, Joetsu City)
■Fare: Free for spectators
■Inquiries: TEL026-224-1225 (Shinshu Pro Wrestling Office)
■Home Page: https://swfnagano.com/