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Let’s get to know the stones of Itoigawa! Original cards are now on sale!



All about the stones you found!


In Itoigawa, the city of stones, sales of original cards with information on stones began this month.

石のカード一覧Stone Town Collection(Total 30 types)

This is the original card of the stone. There are 30 types in total, with the names and photos of the stones on the front of the card and the origins and characteristics of the stones, as well as locations where they can be found in Itoigawa City, written on the back.

The card was planned by the Itoigawa Geopark Council Secretariat to take advantage of the diversity of stones in Itoigawa City for regional development and educational activities.石のカードイメージ(ヒスイ輝石岩)
石のカードイメージ(瑪瑙) (1)

There are two ways to obtain the card. Purchased from a vending machine (card gacha) located at the Fossa Magna Museum. Alternatively, you can have the stones you pick up appraised at the Fossa Magma Museum and purchase a card with the appraised stones.

【How to get the card(100 yen per piece)】
①Obtained from a vending machine (card gacha) at the Fossa Magna Museum
②Have stones picked up at the beach or elsewhere appraised at the Fossa Magna Museum and purchase cards with the same stones.

石のカードガチャ (1)

The Geopark Council recommends that you not only collect the cards, but also collect them along with the stones you find.

“Even if you go through the trouble of having your stones appraised, it is easy to forget the names of the stones over time. By combining them with the cards you obtain, you can create your own unique stone specimens.”


Visit the shores of Itoigawa, where stones of various shapes, colors, and patterns can be found, to find your favorite stone.

■Trade Name:Stone Town Collection(Total 30 types)
■Price:100 yen per piece(tax included )
■Sales location:Fossa Magna Museum 
■Contact Us:Itoigawa Geopark Council Secretariat TEL025-552-1511

Fossa Magna Museum

Address: 1313 Oaza Ichinomiya, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 025-553-1880
URL: https://fmm.geo-itoigawa.com/

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