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    (Sekiyama, Myoko City)

Campsite Guide-National Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center-
(Sekiyama, Myoko City)



Focusing on camps that have become increasingly popular in recent years, we are doing our best to publicize  the campsites that are open in the Joetsu area (Joetsu City, Myoko City, Itoigawa City).  Not only detailed information on each campsite, but also spots recommended by the editorial department will be posted.  It’s good to have fun with your family, or to enjoy your time as a solo camper.  Why don’t you go out to play in the great outdoors?

【Open June 1 – October 31】You can experience the nature of Myoko!

“Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center” in Sekiyama, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.  It is located on the foot of Mt. Myoko, at an altitude of about 600m, in the Myoko-Togakushi renzan National Park.

Experiential learning in nature

“Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center” is an educational facility that aims to nurture strong and confident young people. The center hopes that participants can use their experiences in the wilderness to lead the next generation of citizens. They can acquire experiences that cannot be found in their daily life at home or school.  The center caters for schools and group activities, but if you have children, you can still use the campsite.
* Reservation required at least 1 month in advance


Tent layout

Permanent tent

The campground has permanent tent sites A-B on stilts. In addition, Site C has space for 14 tents for users to set up.

Outdoor cooking area

The site is fully equipped with an outdoor cooking area and a campfire area.

River Source Exploration Course: 1 group (8-10 people) Half day: 8,400 yen / 1 day: 16,800 yen (tax included)
* Advance reservation required

For groups use, there are also various programs such as Myoko Adventure, River Source Exploration, hiking, and stargazing.  
* An additional fee is required when guidance from an instructor is needed.

Camp center

The camp center in the administration building is fully equipped with toilets and shower rooms.  The caretaker is available from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.

*Camping equipment such as lanterns, sleeping bags, tarp tents, and nature observation tools such as astronomical telescopes and binoculars can be rented free for users. In addition, please check ⇒price page 


Recommended by the editorial department

Seki Onsen Asahiya
* Day-use onsen / Adults 500 yen, Children 300 yen (tax included)

If you drive toward Mt. Myoko for about 10 minutes, you will find Seki Onsen.  It is the oldest hot spring in the Myoko Kogen hot spring village, and is a historic hot spring that was opened in 1728.

Tsubame Onsen Ougon-no Yu

If you drive a little further from Seki Onsen, you will find Tsubame Onsen. About 200 meters above Tsubame Onsen, at an altitude of 1100 meters, there are “Ougon-no-Yu” and “Kawahara no Yu” onsens. Both of these onsens are free to use: their white waters flow naturally into the open air baths.

You can also check some other good spots around here in Ella and Jimi’s walking around the town in Yukiguni Journey.  It is also introduced in the 「Myoko / Onsen」edition.  Please take a look here as well.

National Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center

■(2023) June 1st -October 31st * Application required 1 month in advance
■Parking lot: 60 cars ■Facility usage fee: 900 yen (tax included) for general users

Tel: Inquiries 0255-82-4321 / FAX 0255-82-4325
URL: https://myoko.niye.go.jp/index.php

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