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Takada Honcho Shopping Street “Hina Tour” in kimono (Honcho, Joetsu City)



I felt elegant!

A tour of Hina dolls in kimono was held on February 14th at Honchi Shopping Street in Joetsu City.


The tour is sponsored by the citizen group “A party to be nice with kimono”. 16 people from Joetsu City and Myoko City participated. Yukie Nagasaki, the representative of the association, says, “I wanted you to wear a kimono sleeping in a chest of drawers. I want you to wear it once a year while there are no events.”


Most of the people participated in their own kimonos, but the two borrowed the ones prepared by the association and had them dressed. The group went around the Hina dolls displayed in 31 stores from 3-chome to 5-chome in the Takada Honmachi shopping district.

Participants from parents and children said, “I haven’t had many chances to wear kimono, so I participated with my child. Today I put on my mother-in-law’s kimono. I was talking.


This is “Art Salon Yushindo” in Honmachi 4-chome. “Tachibina” made in the Edo period is displayed in the store.

Hiroaki Kato of the art salon Yushindo said, “Currently, chicks are the mainstream, but this is an early chick before it came out. It is characterized by being made of paper, and only the head is made of wood.” I did.


On this day, there were people who enjoyed shopping as well as seeing the Hina dolls.

Mrs. Nagasaki, the representative of the association, said, “Walking in your favorite kimono is a lot of fun, so I want to take good care of it and continue to do so.”


At the “A party to be nice with kimono”, we are planning a cherry blossom viewing tour at Takada Castle Ruins Park this spring. Hina dolls in Honmachi Shopping Street are displayed until March 3rd.