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Shiba-zakura and carp streamers in full bloom! Itakura Shiba-zakura Festival” is being held until May 12.



20240425111301-0001The “Itakura Shibazakura Festival” is being held at “Eshin-no-sato Yasuragiso,” a lodging and bathing facility in Itakura-ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, until Sunday, May 12. As of Wednesday, May 1, the shiba-zakura are almost in full bloom, and in some places they are 5 to 8 minutes in bloom.


Friday, April 26

The Midori Yasuragi Group, a local residents’ group, began planting the shibazakura at Eshin-no-sato Yasuragi-sou nine years ago, and has been working to improve the environment. At the same time, the group is also making efforts to utilize the carp streamers no longer needed in the community and pass them on to the next generation, so that visitors can enjoy the co-starring performance of approximately 12,000 cherries and 150 carp streamers. The festival has become a popular tourist spot, attracting about 10,000 visitors during the festival period, and more than 1,500 on the busiest days.



Last year

During the festival, soap bubbles will be showered for 10 minutes every day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the combination of Koinobori and shibazakura cherry blossoms and the soap bubbles. Local specialties will be on sale, and food and beverages will be sold by kitchen cars.

On Friday, May 3, the Terano Spring Festival will be held at the same time. Udo soup will be served, and local specialties such as sasazushi, myoga dumplings, and freshly harvested wild vegetables will be available for sale.

The shibazakura cherry blossoms are expected to be in full bloom until mid-May.

Itakura Shiba Cherry Blossom Festival
■Period: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays through May 12 (Sun.) *Canceled in case of rain or inclement weather.
In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled.
■Hours: 10:00-17:00
■Venue: Around Yasuragiso, Eshin-no-sato (1624-1, Kusano, Itakura-ku, Joetsu City)
■Contribution:Adults (college students and above) 200 yen
■Parking: Yasuragiso Parking Lot 2, Terano Post Office, Terano Post Office Plaza, Park Yoshino, Sarukyoji Plaza 
※Yasuragi-sou’s front parking lot has priority for facility users.
■query:TEL0255-78-4833(Eshin-no-sato Yasuragiso)

Eshin-no-sato Yasuragiso

Address: 1624-1 Hisano, Itakura-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata-ken, Japan 944-0124
Tel: 0255-78-4833
Access: <Car> 30 minutes from Joetsu Interchange on Hokuriku Expressway / <Car> 30 minutes from Nakago Interchange on Joshinetsu Expressway
URL: https://yasuragisou.com/#

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