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“Railway Festival” will be held on Saturday, 18th at the venue of the morning market! (Naoetsu, Joetsu City)



Morning market x Echigo Tokimeki Railway collaboration event!

The “Morning Market Railway Festival” will be held on Saturday, 18th at the Three-eight morning market  in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.


This is the third event to be held at the morning market in Joetsu City, following the “Bread Festival” in June and the “Sweets Festival” in July.

On the day of the event, Hotel Heimat’s ekiben will be on sale, including the railway forgotten market, railway parts, and Echigo Tokimeki Railway goods sold by Echigo Tokimeki Railway. In addition, “Takahashi Uoten”, which is always open in the morning market, sells kelp at a discount of 100 yen, and “Crazy Chipper Company”, which sells mobile miscellaneous goods, which is temporarily open, also sells special cookies for this event. increase. In addition, balloon art will be distributed to children at the venue.

The Railway Festival is an event in Joetsu City that thinks about tourism, and was planned after the Tourism Exchange Promotion Division and the person in charge of Echigo Tokimeki Railway got to know each other and discussed whether the event could be held together.

Tomohisa Hirabayashi of the Tourism Exchange Promotion Division said, “Naoetsu is a railway town. And there is an image of a morning market. These two are collaborative events. Even if you can’t go to the morning market on a daily basis, take this opportunity to visit the morning market. Please enjoy shopping differently than usual. “

Morning Market Railway Festival
■ Date and time: Saturday, September 18th, 8: 30-12: 00
■ Location: Sanhachi no Ichi (Joetsu City Chuo 2-3 Chome)
■ Store openings: Railway forgotten market, railway parts sales, Toki iron goods sales, Heimat ekiben sales. Crazy Chipper Company: Morning market railway festival limited cookie sale, Takahashi fish shop: 100 yen discount on kelp (usually 500 yen).
■ Inquiries: TEL 025-526-5111 (Joetsu City Tourism Exchange Promotion Division)
■ Homepage: https://joetsukankonavi.jp/asaichi/2021tetsudo38/

Three-eight morning market