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Korean beauty, food, and entertainment gather in Joetsu! KOREA MARKET” will be held on Saturday, February 10.



The first Korean culture event in the Joetsu area of Niigata Prefecture, “KOREA MARKET,” will be held on Saturday, February 10 at Duo Cerezo, a wedding hall in 3-Chome Nishijocho, Joetsu City.


It is said that Korean (K) culture is the hottest trend among Generation Z, especially among junior high and high school students. Korean culture is said to be the latest trend in various fields such as gourmet, cosmetics, beauty, and entertainment, and this event was planned to allow visitors to experience all of these while staying in Joetsu.

There will be four booths at the venue: K-POP (Entertainment), K-GOURMET (Gourmet), K-BEAUTY (Beauty), and K-SHOP (Sundries, Food, Cosmetics).


Ruu (right) & TSUKUSHI (left)

The K-POP stage will feature a talk and K-POP dance show by choreographer Ruu of dance studio ViVid, who has choreographed for some of Japan’s leading idol groups including TWICE, NiziU, AKB, and HKT, and current junior high school dancer TSUKUSHI, who has participated in the popular audition program “PRODUCE101” and is active in the world TSUKUSHI, a world-renowned junior high school dancer who has participated in the popular audition program “PRODUCE101,” will give a talk and K-POP dance show. Other K-POP dance shows will be performed by local S.O.P. and the Joetsu High School Dance Club.


A top view of tasty fried tornado potatoes on sticks on a black table with various types of sauces

The K-GOURMET booth will feature about 10 of the hottest gourmet items that can be enjoyed at Korean food stalls, including tteokbokki, kimpa, and cheese hatguk, all for 500 yen per item (tax included).

At the K-BEAUTY booth, visitors will find a full lineup of Joetsu’s leading beauty stores. Visitors can experience the hottest beauty treatments such as hair arrangement, one-point makeup classes, personal color diagnosis, fragrance creation, one-color nail art experience, and more at a discount.


The K-SHOP will feature a Korean convenience store, Hanbini, located in Shinbashi. The store will sell a wide variety of products not usually available in the Joetsu area, including popular Korean foods, sundries, and cosmetics.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a photo booth where they can take pictures wearing Korean uniforms and dresses, and make their own treacle cases to hold the cards of their favorite Korean idols.

If you become a friend of the event’s official LINE account, 1,000 people will be selected by drawing to receive a 500 yen coupon that can be used inside the event venue. Please access from the URL below.

■Official LINE Account:https://onl.la/bAJEXnw

The “Lerch Winter Sweets Fair” is also being held on the same day at the museum. Don’t miss it, too!


Duo Cerezo Staff
I believe there are many people in the Joetsu area who love Korean culture. This is an event where you can fully enjoy the latest trends in Korean culture. We hope that many people will come to the event and enjoy Korean culture!

■Date: Saturday, February 10, 10:00-16:00
■Venue: Duo Cerezo (3-5-20 Nishijo-machi, Joetsu City)
■Admission: Free
■Inquiry:TEL0120-26-4000(Joetsu Nail & Beauty Trade Market Executive Committee)

Duo Cerezo

Access: <Railway> 7-minute walk from Takada Station on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway.
URL: https://duo-cerezo.com/

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