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[Ski area information 2023-2024] Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbric Ski Resort (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)/vol.10



Myoko foothills Top class wide burns and long cruising are the attraction!

◆Operating period: Late December 2023 – March 31, 2024 (tentative)

1.Features of slopes and courses
3.Lunch Information

1.Features of slopes and courses

Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbric Ski Resort is located southeast of Mt. Myoko and is only 5 minutes from the Myoko Kogen IC.

Myoko’s most distinctive feature is its top-class wide slopes, which take advantage of the features of the magnificent foothills of Mt.

From the official website of Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbric Ski Resort

The slopes have five lifts and 15 courses. The wide, gentle slopes are less prone to accidents while skiing, and most of the courses are beginner and intermediate courses (50% beginner, 40% intermediate, and 10% advanced).

Another attraction is the 4-kilometer-long cruise that takes you from the speedy mid-slopes to the gentle slopes in the woods that remain calm.The open atmosphere with a view of Lake Nojiri with Mt. Myoko in the background will refresh your body and mind.

Except for a few courses designed for advanced skiers, everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy safe and comfortable skiing.

The slopes are also equipped with an “Alpine Brick Snow Park” where beginner and intermediate skiers can enjoy themselves with ease.The boxes and rails are available for a wide range of levels of people.

Spread out at the bottom of the 1st Pair Lift boarding area is a safe and secure “kids’ garden” surrounded by netting on all sides.Moving belts are installed for easy transport to the top, and free sledding is open to the public.The Kids’ Garden is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

[VIDEO] Joetsu & Myoko Ski Resort Introduction “Ikenotaira Onsen Alpine Bric Ski Resort” (Previous: Ikenodaira Onsen Ski Resort)

Please also check out the Ikenodaira section of “Ella and Jimi’s Joetsu-Myoko Machiaruki,” a popular section in Snow Country Journey.

Machiaruki Ikenotaira version (Silver Otowa, Imoi Pond, Lime Resort Myoko, Alpenbric Spa)


Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbric Ski Resort is holding an event for families and couples to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at a great price. Don’t miss it!

Children’s Day for Skiing
Date: 1st and 3rd Sundays
Description: Free lift ticket for elementary school students!

Ladies’ Day
Date: Every Wednesday

Content: Women-only 1-day lift ticket is 2,500 yen

treat of sake
Date: Sunday, January 7

Adult’s Day
Date: January 8
Contents: Free lift tickets for new 18- and 20-year-olds

Valentine’s Day
Date: Wednesday, February 14
Contents:A pair of one-day lift tickets for ¥5,000!

Final Thanksgiving
Date: Saturday, March 23 – Sunday, March 31

3.Lunch Information

At KAYABA Café, a cafe on the slopes, “tarekatsu don” and “pork cutlet set menus” featuring freshly fried cutlets will be available.

Also this season, the famous Kanazawa curry restaurant “GoGo Curry” will appear at the Alpenbrick Restaurant.The restaurant will operate as “GoGo Curry Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort Stadium” only during the period when the ski resort is open.The restaurant will also feature its exclusive Ultra Wide Burn Curry.

In addition, we recommend the ALPEN BLICK BEER, a craft beer brewed in our own factory.


Address: 2457-1 Ikenotaira Onsen, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
Operating period: December 16, 2023 – March 31, 2024 (planned)
Opening hours: 8:30-16:00
Admission: Adults: 1-day pass 4,900 yen, 2-day pass 8,600 yen, 4-hour pass 3,600 yen, 1-time pass 700 yen
        Elementary school students: 1-day pass 2,900 yen, 2-day pass 5,100 yen, 4-hour pass 2,100 yen, 1-time pass 400 yen
           Junior high school students and seniors: 1-day pass 3,900 yen, 2-day pass 6,800 yen, 4-hour pass 2,900 yen, 1-time pass 600 yen
Rental fee: Ski or board set / Adults 4,950 yen per day, Children 3,850 yen per day
               Clothing set (top and bottom) / Adults 4,950 yen per day, Children 3,850 yen per day
Kids’ Garden: Fee: 500 yen (ages 4 and up)/open Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbric Ski Resort (formerly Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort)