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“Asari Shio Ramen” New Release! Noodle studio WITH Dream



It is a ramen that is gentle on the body supervised by a dietitian!

“Noodle making studio WITH Dream”, located in the immediate vicinity of the Joetsu City Aquarium Museum “Umigari”, develops and offers a special ramen “Asari Shio Ramen” that uses “Gino Salt” in connection with Kenshin Uesugi started.

Still0326_00000Asari Shio Ramen ¥ 800 (tax included)

The ramen was developed by Noodle Making Studio WITH Dream operated by Joetsu Atago Welfare Association.

Still0326_00003The soup is stocked with domestic clams and scallops, and is seasoned with a blend of “Gino Salt” and rock salt.

And another commitment is noodles.Still0326_00006

The raw wheat uses whole grain flour.By leaving the skin and germ to be removed with conventional noodles, dietary fiber, iron, and vitamin B1 are increased, and nutritional value is increased.Still0326_00005

According to Takuya Takahashi of WITH, “we talked with a dietitian and made not only delicious but also nutritious ramen.”


The soup is made with a specialty, such as using local and famous “Sweet shrimp” as a paste.

Mr. Takahashi publicized, “Everyone wanted to be a ramen representative of Naoetsu. We want you to come and eat it.”

The shop also sells seasonal ingredients and gelato using local ingredients. Please try this by all means.

Noodle making studio & gelato studio WITH

営業時間 11:00~15:00

Tel: 025-531-1005
URL: http://www.joetsu-atago.or.jp/with-dream/

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