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Campground Guide -Fudotaki Campground-
(Oyachi, Itoigawa City)



Focusing on camps that have become increasingly popular in recent years, we are doing our best to publicize the campgrounds that are open in the Joetsu area (Joetsu City, Myoko City, Itoigawa City).  Not only detailed information on each campground, but also spots recommended by the editorial department will be posted.  It’s good to have fun with your family, or to enjoy your time as a solo camper.  Why don’t you go out to play in the great outdoors?

【Open April 27(earth)-November】Plenty of soothing, negative ions!  Fudo Waterfall, with a height of 70 meters, towers in front of you!

Fudodaki Campground, a campground along the Mushikawa River a tributary of the Himekawa River that flows through Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture.  As the name suggests, it is a campground near the scenic  spot “Fudotaki”.

The route to the campground is about 7km on a mountain road. You should turn right onto the road at the Ono intersection on National Route 148, which runs from Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture to Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.  The road through the mountain is narrow and long, so if you are new to the mountain, you may be worried you have driven too far. Please be assured that you only continue along this one road, and there will be a signboard along the way.  There is also another route to the campground from along the Kotaki River to the mountain path.  This route is recommended if you want to visit the Jade Gorge first, and then stop by.

Administration building at the entrance of the campsite

camp site

The campground is open from late April to mid-November.  You can use it for free.  There is a management building at the entrance of Ikoinosato, but the manager is resident only on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.  There is also a toilet near the entrance.  The campground surrounded by forests is covered with grass, and  bonfires on the ground are prohibited.  There is also a covered kitchen near the tables and benches.

There are an arbor and benches in the vicinity, and a stream runs beside the campground.  This stream is very shallow, so it’s perfect for children to play in the water.  * Please keep away from the river when the water level rises.

Fudo Waterfall

The biggest feature of this campground is that the Fudo Waterfall with a height of 70 meters is nearby.  It takes a couple of minutes to go into Ikoi no Sato, and you will arrive at a waterfall basin full of negative ions.  Fudo Waterfall is located along the Mushikawa river, which flows through the Hiyodori pond, which is located 4 km away.

Fudo Waterfall: View of early summer

Near the waterfall basin, there is a shrine dedicated to the god of water (Takaokaminokami).  According to tradition, there was a dragon in the basin of the waterfall, and throwing stones at the waterfall caused heavy rain. The rocks around the waterfall were originally formed from mud on the seabed, and they are said to date back to the Paleozoic Permian period about 260 million years ago.  This waterfall, full of history and wonder, is a must-see.

It’s a perfect campsite for hot summers.  Let’s be healed by bathing in plenty of negative ions!

Recommended by the editorial department

Itoigawa Onsen Clear Resort Hisui-no-Yu

“Hisui-no-Yu” is located along National Highway 148, about 25 minutes from the campground.  The quality of the spring is a chloride spring containing salt.  Open 7 days a week, open until 10 pm.  Please drop in before and after using the campground.

■ Address: 298-1 Ono, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
■ Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00 (reception is by 21:30) Open all year round
■ Bathing fee: Daytime: Adults 900 yen / Children 500 yen * Adults 650 yen / Children 400 yen after 16:00
■ Spring quality: Chloride spring
■ Parking lot: 200 cars
■ Inquiries: TEL 025-553-2222
* Prices are as of May 1, 2024

Fudodaki Campsite

■Business period: April 27-November ■ Fee: 500 yen per tent and 100 yen per user as a cooperation fee for maintaining the campground environment.■ Parking lot: 36 cars

Tel: 025-552-3100(Itoigawa City Imai District Public Hall)

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