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Nagano Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> Togakushi Ski Field(Nagano Nagano City)/vol.9

The course boasts a spectacular view of the Togakushi Federation and a variety of course layouts! December 11 – March…

Nagano Prefecture

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> TANGRAM SKI CIRCUS(Shinano-machi, Nagano Prefecture)/vol.8

Ski, play, and stay in one place! December 18 – April 3 It takes about 20 minutes by car from…

Nagano Prefecture

Togari Onsen Ski Resort (Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture) / vol.5

15 courses with plenty of terrain and variety! December 25 – March 27 A 25-minute drive from the Toyota Iiyama…

Nagano Prefecture

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort (Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano Prefecture) / vol.4

A Variety of 44 Slopes and Courses! November 30 – May 8 A 25-minute drive from the Toyota Iiyama IC…

Nagano Prefecture

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> Iizuna Ski Resort (Iizuna-machi, Nagano Prefecture)/vol.2

Popular for its diverse course layout! December 24 – March 21 It takes about 25 minutes by car from downtown…

Nagano Prefecture

Kijimadaira Ski Resort (Kijimadaira Village, Nagano Prefecture) / vol.3

A family slope where children can enjoy themselves to the fullest.  December 18 – March 31 The Kijimadaira Ski Resort…

Nagano Prefecture

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> Kurohime Kogen Snow Park(Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture)/vol.1

A snowy amusement park! Kurohime Kogen Snow Park December 25 (Saturday) – March 21 (Monday, national holiday) It takes about 6…

Nagano Prefecture

[Deadline January 11]We are planning a luxurious gift to win a lift ticket!

Check the ski resort information in “Yukiguni Journey”! Win a gorgeous gift! <Skiing ground guide 2020-2021> delivered this winter by…

Nagano Prefecture

Madarao Mountain Resort Year-end night game business extension & countdown fireworks (Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture)

Why don’t you ski in the night game and welcome the new year at the ski resort? Madarao Mountain Resort,…