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    Sake Lab “AYUMASAMUNE Cedar CASK” will be released on July 3rd.

Forest bathing for popular sake!
Sake Lab “AYUMASAMUNE Cedar CASK” will be released on July 3rd.



At some liquor stores in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for sake, the original brand of sake “AYUMASAMUNE Cedar CASK”, where you can enjoy the refreshing scent of wood, will be on sale from Saturday, July 3rd.


“AYUMASAMUNE Cedar CASK” is a sake that has been sold every year since 2015 by the group “Sake Lab”; which is made up of liquor stores in the Joetsu area.  The unique feature is that the brewery “Ayumasamune Sake Brewery” in Saruhashi, Myoko City is commissioned to put Junmai Sake(pure rice sake) in a cedar barrel and preserve it for a certain period of time to add the aroma of the wood.  The preservation period is about two weeks, but the period varies depending on the year, and the fragrance is strong and the balance is adjusted so give the perfect flavor.

“AYUMASAMUNE Cedar CASK” is 1.8 liters for 3,400 yen and 720 ml for 1,700 yen (both including tax), and is sold at nine liquor stores. All stores belong to the Sake Lab group.


This year, they made, for the first time, a “MARIAGE BOOK”(“Recommended Accompaniments”).  The MARIAGE BOOK is in a miniature size, with a total of 16 pages including the front and back covers, and it contains the dishes and restaurants that go well with Cedar CASK, recommended by the owners of each Sake Lab member store.  Furthermore, if you read the QR code that is written in the book, you can see detailed information such as introductions to each menu, and information about the restaurants.

Mr. Tatsunori Iijima of “Hoteiya Liquor Store” of the Sake Lab Secretariat said, “This is the 7th sale of the Cedar CASK this year.  The sale of this sake has been gaining momentum since it sold out immediately last year, and I think that it is now becoming a regular feature among Joetsu’s summer sake. I would like you to enjoy this sake again this year during the hot season.  Also, I hope that you can enjoy it with food, and visit the recommended restaurants by referring to the MARIAGE BOOK.”

■ Price: 1.8 liters 3,400 yen, 720 ml 1,700 yen (both including consumption tax)
■ Dealers: Sake shop Ishikawa / Tachihara Liquor store  / Hoteiya Liquor Store  / Masui Liquor store  / Mikami Liquor store Co., Ltd.  / Yagi Liquor store  / Yamagishi Liquor store / Yokogawa Liquor store
■ Inquiries: TEL 025-524-3837 (Sake Lab Secretariat / Hoteiya Liquor Store / Iijima)
■ Sake Lab Homepage: https://sakelab.net/