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The prefecture’s largest market “Meets Festival” will be held on June 19th and 20th!



160 stores in the prefecture come together to display handmade craft works!

During the market “Meets Festival”, 160 stores from the prefecture will gather with stalls for handmade accessories, workshops, gourmet food, etc. It will be held on June 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun) at the Prefectural Kenshinko Budokan (Martial Arts Hall) in Joetsu City.


This event was planned by Azusa Watanabe, an artist who produces handmade earrings and other items in Myoko City, to revitalize the region of Joetsu.  The executive committee was set up mainly by volunteers, and they have been preparing for it since August last year.

Ms. Watanabe said, “When I ask people in other areas what they know about Joetsu, they know of no places or sightseeing spots other than the cherry blossom viewing at Takada Castle Ruins Park.  I wanted to create an event that would give everyone a chance to get together in Joetsu, so that people could get to know Joetsu better.”

Approximately 160 stores will open in the market, mainly from the Joetsu region, but also from other places within Niigata prefecture.  There are various shops selling handmade craft works, food shops, beauty salons and chiropractors.  In addition to holding various workshops that parents and children can enjoy, there will be a kids challenge booth where children aged 9 to 12 can do everything themselves.  At the booth, kids will work on making things with the creativity unique to children, and will do everything from reception, preparation, sales, and exchange of money.

Ms. Watanabe said, “This will be the first time for the market to be held in Niigata Prefecture.  This time, we asked shop owners throughout Niigata Prefecture, who will come from as far as Shibata City.  It’s an event that gives you an opportunity to enjoy shops you might not otherwise see.  Please come and enjoy this market with your friends and family! “

More information about the stores can be found on the Meets Festival Instagram site.  Please check there for details.

*As a measure against COVID-19, we do not allow people who have a fever, those who have gone out of the prefecture within the previous two weeks, or those who live in areas with a high number of COVID cases. All visitors must also wear masks.

Meets Festival
■ Date and time: Saturday, June 19th, Sunday, June 20th, 11: 00-16: 00
■ Venue: Kenshinko Budokan / Odojo: 1F (375 Tonomeko Shinden, Joetsu City)
■ Admission: Free
■ Inquiries: TEL090-2419-5411 (Meets Festival Executive Committee, Watanabe)
Instagram account @meets_festival

Kenshinko budokan