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    (Fukuda, Daidofukuda, Joetsu City)

A “Tomato Fair” is being held at Arurunmura throughout June!
(Fukuda, Daidofukuda, Joetsu City)



A lot of sweet and delicious tomatoes from Joetsu!

A “Tomato Fair”, which sells seasonal, locally produced tomatoes and processed foods from Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.  This fair will open throughout June at JA Echigo Joetsu “Joetsu Arurunmura” in Daidofukuda, Joetsu City.


Tomatoes on display.  There are various sizes such as mini tomatoes and medium tomatoes.


At the “Tomato Fair”, tomatoes harvested every morning and shipped from 30 growers in Joetsu and Myoko are displayed.


Junichi Matano, the manager of Arurunbatake, said, “We planned this fair with the desire to support and encourage the farmers after the heavy snowfall this winter gave them a hard time.  I guarantee that good-tasting and high-quality tomatoes are being shipped this year.”.

People who came to shop said, “Arurun has cheap, fresh and delicious tomatoes.  It’s good for the health, so I make juice, or I cut and eat them every day for three meals.”. Another customer said, “I always come here to buy tomatoes because of their sweetness and size. “


In addition, “Arurun no Mori” sells BLT sandwiches with tomatoes, homemade bacon and lettuce, and tomato juice.

The store manager, Mr Matano said, “Each farmers has different priorities.  Some farmers are particular about the balance between sourness and sweetness, and some are particular about only the sweetness.  We would like customers to enjoy the differences in taste and find their favorite.”


The“Tomato Fair” is until the end of June.  During this period, a campaign is being held in which you can apply if you have a receipt from purchasing tomatoes or tomato-related products.

Food and Agriculture Theme Park Arurun no Mura

Arurunbatake from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Tel: 025-525-1183
Access: 639 Daidofukuda, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture 943-0172
URL: https://arurunmura.jp/

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