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    (Myoko City)

Chiyonohikari Daiginjo Mini Bottle limited time special offer!
(Myoko City)



Enjoy the highest-ranked sake taste at home!

“Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery” in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, will release a limited number of the highest rank sake “Chiyonohikari Daiginjo” in a special size bottle from Thursday, June 10th.
          * Daiginjo : Premium sake that is made from highly-polished rice.


Chiyonohikari Banshaku no Daiginjo 300 ml: 550 yen (tax included)


This presentation of the sake was planned by “Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery” to make it easier for people to enjoy high-quality sake at home. This is because the opportunities to enjoy sake are decreasing due to the influence of COVID-19.

Chiyonohikari Daiginjo, which ranks highest among the sakes at the Chiyonohikari brewery, is usually priced at 3,400 yen (tax included) for 720mls, and 7,500 yen (tax included) for 1.8 liters.  This special sized bottle will be sold at a special price of 550 yen (tax included).
This price is less than half the normal price!


“Chiyonohikari Daiginjo” uses Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice from Hyogo prefecture.  Daiginjo is brewed only from the core of the rice, and is a popular product with an apple-like aroma and a refined sweetnesss.

Mr. Kenichiro Ikeda of Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery said, “The Japanese sake industry is still in a bad state due to the influence of COVID-19.  I think that it is impossible to have a large number of drinking parties and that there are few opportunities to drink high-class sake.  Therefore, we decided to sell special products so that people could feel free to enjoy high-class sake and realize again that “Sake is delicious!”.  Please take this opportunity to try it! “

“Chiyonohikari Banshaku Daiginjo” is limited to 2,700 bottles and will be on sale from Thursday, June 10th at liquor stores in the Joetsu Myoko area.

Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery

Address: 656 Kubomatsubara, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture 944-0061
Tel: 0255-72-2814
URL: http://chiyonohikari.com/

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