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【MOVIE】The best tour to enjoy the Japanese powder snow “JAPOW”!



Welcome to the winter silver world!

Just skiing at the ski resort is not enough. Here is the ultimate tour for such advanced skiers and snowboarders.

The name is “Hikarigahara Cat tours”.

This is an exciting tour where you can ski and snowboard with the help of a guide in the backcountry, which is different from the usual ski slopes.

The stage is the silver world of powder snow, Hikarigahara Kogen in Itakura-ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.Access the point by riding a private car running on the snow, you can enjoy the finest “Japow” in the great nature!

First, watch the video. ※JAPOW…A coined word combining JAPAN and POWDER

See the tour guide homepage for details.
■Hikarigahara Cat tours  https://www.hikarigahara.com/
■Itakura sightseeing guide http://eshin.org/taiken/cattours/

Hikarigahara Cat tours

Address: 344 Sekita, Itakura-ku, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
URL: https://www.hikarigahara.com/

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