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Send YUKIGUNI to the world! Heavy snowfall experience in Niigata



Hold a monitor tour to experience the nature and culture of heavy snowfall areas

A monitor tour was held on the 7th in Oshima-Ward, Joetsu City, where foreigners living in Niigata Prefecture can experience the nature and culture of heavy snowfall areas.

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This monitor tour was conducted by Niigata Prefecture to convey the charm of the prefecture to the world. The theme is “living in heavy snowfall areas”. 16 people, including foreigners living in the prefecture and their families, participated. The group gathered at “Oshima Shoya no Ie” in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, and took a walk in the surrounding satoyama wearing snowshoes.

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The snow cover was close to 3 meters, and I observed the footprints of animals and heard explanations of boar hunting from a local guide.

In addition, I experienced playing in the snow with sleds and kamakura, and experienced the nature and lifestyle unique to heavy snowfall areas.

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From Poland

A participant from Poland said, “I don’t see this amount of snow in my country. It’s wonderful and impressed.” A Canadian native said, “It’s completely different from the city, so everyone should experience it. Fresh air. Local food. Nature. Everything is relaxing.”

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From Sri Lanka

In addition, Sri Lankan natives enjoyed the snowy country, saying, “I wanted to experience the countryside of a snowy country. I wanted to see this snowshoe on a leaflet and participate. It was fun to experience it. I want to introduce it to everyone at the university.”

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In addition, there was a time when I surrounded the Irori in a thatched private house and listened to the Goze song. Since it is a monitor tour, the group will then send the tour to acquaintances on SNS.

The prefecture will hold such a tour next year to disseminate the charm of Niigata overseas.