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    Experience Japanese culture at Honcho Shopping Street

【Movie】Immediately from Takada Station!
Experience Japanese culture at Honcho Shopping Street



Introducing the appeal of Honcho Shopping Street in Joetsu City with a video!

Takada is located 40 minutes by train from Myoko Kogen Station on the Echigo Toki-Meki Railway.  The shopping district of Takada, Joetsu City has a history spanning over 100 years, and you can take in the rich Japanese culture while walking around the city.
Below is a video summarizing its appeal.

A shopkeeper’s community group was established in 2017 to attract foreign tourists and promote Takada Honcho Shopping Street in Joetsu City.  It was created so foreign tourists staying at Akakura Onsen could visit Honcho shopping street by train after learning about the area.2

The reporter is Kate Meggy from Australia. She walked around Honcho Shopping Street and visited 10 stores including a kimono store, a Japanese sweets store, and an antiques store.  Different aspects of Japanese culture can be experienced in each store, such as trying on kimonos, tasting sake, and buying and tasting Japanese sweets.


The video also includes information on where there are shop employees who can communicate in English, as well as English supported train ticket vending machines and the post office ATM. The video is 14 minutes and 30 seconds long and is in English.


Joetsu City Takada Honcho Shopping Street

Address: 4-4-8 Honcho, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Access: About 10 minutes on foot from Takada Station of Echigo Tokimeki Railway

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