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Photo Contest Discovering the charms of Naoetsu



Scenery, events, cultural heritage…
Would you like to capture the wonderful scenery of Naoetsu in a photo?

Naoetsu, Niigata Prefecture, is a port town that has developed as a transportation hub for shipping and rail.  Naoetsu has lots of attractions such as the setting sun over the Sea of Japan, the former Naoetsu Bank’s lion statue, San-Hachicho Market, and the aquarium “Umigatari”.  
The application of works for the photo contest has started.  Why don’t you present your own impression of Naoetsu in a photograph?


The contest is held by the Joetsu Photo Federation. The federation seeks to promote the appeal of Naoetsu’s scenery and cultural assets through photography, and to expand people’s interest in photo taking.  The theme of the photo is “Take a photo and discover the charm of Naoetsu”.  Only three items can be submitted per person, and anyone in Japan can apply.  However, it is restricted to unpublished works taken in Naoetsu between 2019 and the deadline.

The application deadline is Friday, November 20th.

40 prizes will be awarded: ten top prizes, 20 runner-up prizes, and ten honorable mentions.  All entries will be exhibited at the “Naoetsu Photo Fair” to be held at Joetsu City Citizen’s Plaza on December 5th and 6th.

Mr. Miyauchi of the Joetsu Photo Federation said, “Because it is difficult to go somewhere due to COVID19, I hope you can gain a greater appreciation of your hometown by participating in this competition. “

Naoetsu’s attractive photo contest
■Deadline: Must arrive by Friday, November 20th
■ Application / Mailing address: 410, Maki Ward hirakata, Joetsu City, Niigata 943-0602, addressed to Naoyuki Miyauchi, Joetsu Photo Federation
■ Size: Wide quartet (digitally processed ones cannot be applied)
Number of entries: Up to 3 per person. Anyone from all over the country can apply.
■ Specifications: Unpublished works shot between 2019 and the deadline.
■ Location: Limited to Naoetsu Ward
■ Exhibition fee: Free
■ Inquiries: Joetsu Photo Federation Naoyuki Miyauchi
Mobile: 090-3648-0287 / FAX: 025-533-5606 / Email: miyanao5630@gmail.com

Naoetsu Photo Fair
■ Date: December 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun) 9: 00-17: 00
■ Location: Joetsu City Citizen’s Plaza
■ Admission: Free
* Please check the Joetsu Photo Federation website for details and how to apply.