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    Echigo Tokimeki Railway event train will run this autumn.

Enjoy hot springs, sake and food!
Echigo Tokimeki Railway event train will run this autumn.



An accommodation plan will also be available for this popular event train!

The Myoko Onsen Train is an event train where you can enjoy hot springs, sake, and food while visiting the local railway “Echigo Tokimeki Railway” in the Joetsu area of Niigata Prefecture.  It will operate on October 31st (Sat) and November 7th (Sat).


The Myoko Onsen train is an event train that departs from Naoetsu Station and goes around the sea and mountains such as the Sea of Japan and Myoko Kogen.

All-you-can-drink sake from three breweries in Myoko City, “Ayumasamune Sake Brewery”, “Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery”, and “Kiminoi Sake Brewery” are available on the train.  You can enjoy not only sake while enjoying the scenery along the line, but also a bento (Japanese style lunch box) which is made with plenty of local ingredients.  Of course, a relaxing bath at Myoko Onsen is also included in this event.

In addition, at Nihongi Station, you can see railway features and station buildings which are a must-see for train fans.  At Itoigawa Station, you can freely take a walk around the Hisui(Jade) Kingdom Hall.

This year, you can enjoy not only day trips, but also there will be great accommodation plans available.  In addition to the event train, this plan will include half board at Myoko Onsen “Kofukan”.

An organizer of this project said, “Although we must be careful due to COVID-19, I would like local people to use the train and rediscover its charm.  I hope you will enjoy this local opportunity.”

Myoko hot spring train
■Operating days: Saturday, October 31st and Saturday, November 7th
[Day trip] Adult 9,100 yen / Child 7,800 yen
[Inn and night] Adults 16,900 yen / Children 13,200 yen (all tax included)
■ Capacity: 30 people each day *Up to 3 people per application group
■ Application: Myoko Tourism Bureau 0255-86-3911