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Feel the Spring Takada Honcho Hina Meguri (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)



The annual event to visit the hina dolls displayed in show windows and other locations in the Takada Honcho shopping street in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, has begun.


This event is held every year at this time of the year to let people feel the spring season while walking around the town.

The Takada Honmachi Centennial Shopping Street Executive Committee, in cooperation with the Onmadashi Project, a citizens’ group working to revitalize the shopping street, decorated 33 locations in the shopping street with hina dolls.


Of these, eight sets of 85 hina dolls, including tiered decorations donated by citizens, are on display at Asutopia Takata.


This is a doll in which the dolls are enjoying a “Kaiawase(shell-matching)” game.Kaiawase” is a game of finding a matching pair of clam shells, which became popular among aristocrats during the Heian period . The game became popular among the aristocracy during the Heian period . It was also a symbol of a good marriage, and in the Edo period , it was so auspicious that it became a wedding present.


These hina dolls are large, about 30 cm in length, and their authentic juni-hitoe kimono is a highlight.

According to the citizens’ group “Omadashi Project,” some of the hina dolls on display are accompanied by episodes and thoughts of the people who inherited them, and they hope visitors will enjoy them as well.


Takada Honcho Hinameguri is open until Sunday, March 3. During this period, limited-edition confections related to Hinamatsuri will be on sale.

Hina Dolls and Edo Style Picture Signboard Tour
■Period: February 2 (Fri.) – March 3 (Sun.)
■Venue: Takada Honcho Shopping Street
■Organizer: Takada Honcho Centennial Shopping Street Executive Committee (Inquiries: 025-525-2501)
■Cooperation: Omadashi Project

Asutopia Takada

Access: <Walking> 5 minutes from Takada Station on the Echigo Tokimeki Railway.
URL: https://honcho.jp/

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