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[Ski Resort Information 2023-2024]Charmant Hiuchi Ski Resort (Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture)/vol.15



Ski area where you can ski until May! Enjoy the best powder snow in high season and coarse snow in spring!

◆Operating period: December 22, 2023 – May 5, 2024 (tentative)

1.Features of slopes and courses
4.Lunch Information

1.Features of slopes and courses

Charmant Hiuchi Ski Resort in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, is a 30-minute drive from the Nose IC on the Hokuriku Expressway. Located on the northern slope overlooking the Sea of Japan, it is known as a ski resort with heavy snowfall. During the high season, the snow cover is so abundant that it exceeds 5 meters, and the area is always blessed with good quality snow.

It features undulating courses that take advantage of the natural terrain (20% beginner, 45% intermediate, and 35% advanced), and the skiing can be enjoyed while overlooking the Sea of Japan. The intermediate and advanced courses, which account for 80% of the total, are extremely technical, making it a challenging ski area for skiers and snowboarders who want to pursue their own style of skiing.

From the official website of Sharman Hiuchi Ski Resort

With 65% of the skiable area being unpaved, the superb powder snow attracts many skiers.

The HIYAMA Course is recommended for skiers and snowboarders who want to enjoy the best powder snow as much as possible. It is one of the longest non-stop powder areas in Japan, with technical slopes including slope changes and standing trees, so you will feel the greatest satisfaction when you conquer it. In addition, the “Prince Course” is one of the best powder courses in Japan in terms of slope level, and is recommended for advanced skiers along with the Hiyama Course.

Beginners should head to the Volley Course, the longest course in Charmant. With a distance of 1,623 meters and an average slope of 8 degrees, even beginners can enjoy this course from the top of the mountain. For those who want to improve, or for those who have experience but have not skied in a long time, we recommend the Evian Course. The course is wide and well maintained with a medium slope, making it an ideal course for those who want to step up and get used to the terrain.

The ski area offers access to all courses via a high-speed lift that takes you to the top of the mountain. Thanks to abundant snow, the resort is known as a ski resort where you can ski until Golden Week in May, enjoying powder snow in high season and coarse snow in spring. Enjoy the variety of unique courses along with the seasonal snow changes.


Scheduled to be held on February 24, 2024 iceteecup
※Photos of the past

Charmant Cup 2024
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2024
This is a tournament hosted by Sharman.
*For more information, please visit our website for updates.

Date: Saturday, April 6 – Sunday, April 7, 2024
Related URL:https://www.icetee.net/
The only ski competition in Japan where able-bodied skiers and chair skiers compete together. Unique rules and great prizes add to the excitement of the competition!


Address: 1821 Nishitobiyama, Itoigawa-shi, Niigata
Operating period: December 22, 2023 (Friday) – May 5, 2024 (Sunday)
Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Fees: 1-day lift ticket: Adults 4,500 yen, seniors (60 and over) 3,600 yen, children (junior high school students and under) 3,200 yen. Morning pass: Adults 3,700 yen, Seniors 3,000 yen, Children 2,600 yen. Afternoon pass: Adults 3200 yen, Seniors 2700 yen, Children 2200 yen
Rental fee: Ski/snowboard: 3500 yen for adults and 3000 yen for children for 1 day *1000 yen for elementary school students and under
Expert Rental: 1 day Adult 4,500 yen

4.Lunch Information

Itoigawa City is not only rich in mountain foods, but also in sea foods as it faces the Sea of Japan. Salu’s recommendation is the “Charmant-don”, which has the same name as the slopes. The menu was conceived to create an original ski resort menu. The locally produced Koshihikari rice is topped with a bibimbap-style bowl of rice topped with meat miso, shiragane onion, hot egg, and garlic as a secret ingredient.

※Image is from last year.

Based on user feedback, Salyu has structured its menu to be as affordable as possible. This means that there are also family menus that are otaku for parents and children.

Sharman Hiuchi Ski Resort

Tel: 025-593-2041
Access: <Car> 30 minutes from Nose IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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