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    Takada Castle Town “Town Walk Guidebook” (Joetsu City)

A wealth of knowledge!
Takada Castle Town “Town Walk Guidebook” (Joetsu City)



Walking in the town will be so much more fun!

We have completed a guidebook that summarizes the tourist attractions around Takada Castle Town in Joetsu city, Niigata Prefecture.  This is a book full of tips that will make walking around the town a lot more fun!

“Castle Town Takada Town Walk Guidebook” 100 yen per copy

This is issued by Joetsu City so that people can learn about Takada’s history and culture while sightseeing in the town.


The guidebook describes the history of the town of Takada, which prospered as a castle town. One of the top spots is Takada Castle Site Park, and the tourist attractions around it.  In addition, historical buildings and cultural properties such as Machiya (traditional townhouses) and Gangi (covered walkways) are described. There are also many local specialities, which make perfect souvenirs. All are introduced in this 40-page guidebook.

ガイドマップ コラム サイズ変更

Each page not only introduces tourist attractions, but also introduces local points of interest, and tips about culture unique to Takada.  In addition, information on recommended town walking courses and benefits you can receive by collecting stamps from history museums are also included.ガイドマップ6

Stamps are available at six facilities in the Takada area: Takada Machikado Koryukan (formerly the Takada branch of Daishi Bank, built in 1931), Takada Komachi Exchange Hall (Old townhouses), Ogawa Mimei Literature Museum(in Takada Library), Joetsu City History Museum, Takada jo sanju yagura (Takada Castle Three-story-Turret), and Kobayashi Kokei Memorial Museum. Collecting more than three stamp items from any of these facilities will give you souvenirs such as a special tote bag for Takada Castle Site Park.

An official for Joetsu City said, “Takada’s streets are dotted with a variety of history. We want you to rediscover the charm of the area with the help of this guide map.”

The castle town Takada town walk guidebook is 100 yen per copy in A5 version.  It is sold at Joetsu City Hall in Kida, Minami/Kita Branch Offices, and general offices in each ward.  You can also purchase by mail.Castle Town Takada Town Walk Guidebook
■Specifications/Number of copies: 40 pages of A5 color (10,000 copies)
■Sale place: Joetsu City Hall in Kida, Minami/Kita Branch Office, General Offices, Takada Machikado Koryukan, Takada Komachi Exchange Hall, Ogawa Mimei Literature Museum, History Museum, Takada Castle Three-story-Turret, Oren Plaza, Buried Cultural Property Center, Kamabuta Iseki guidance (Historical Site Guidance Center in Kamabuta), Joetsu Tourism and Local Products Center, Joetsu Myoko Station Tourist Information Center, etc.

■Details: Joetsu City website