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    (Myoko City)

Road Station Arai “Shikisaikan Myoko” Open!
(Myoko City)



Fresh vegetables and processed products are lined up!


On July 23rd, a famers’ shop was opened on the east side of “Road Station Arai” along Route 18 in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.
This is a new spot that you will definitely want to stop at, while driving or traveling.道の駅 無題

Road Station Arai has expanded onto the opposite, east-side of Route 18.

Myoko City and Takada River National Highway Office have worked together to improve the disaster prevention function, and revitalize the area.

The area is about 38,000 m2, which is wider than the existing roadside station.   There is also a disaster prevention area with cooking facilities, a complex “Shikisaikan Myoko” with a farmers shop and restaurant area, a family restroom with baby changing facilities, and a roofed area where drivers can attach and detach tire chains during periods of heavy snow.   There are 235 parking lots.   The total cost of construction was 457 million yen (one-third of which was subsidized by the government).


Photo left: The tire chain attachment/detachment place   Photo right: Family Restroom


Fully equipped with a diaper changing table and nursing room


Disaster prevention open space

The disaster prevention area, on the south side, serves as an evacuation base for local residents and tourists in the event of a disaster.  A maximum of about 3,000 people can temporarily evacuate to this area. There is a place for cooking, and a base for the Self-Defense Force.



On the first day of opening, there was a line in front of the “Shikisaikan Myoko” farmers shop.   At the farmers shop, many people were buying fresh vegetables such as lettuce freshly harvested that morning, rice from Myoko and processed products.  Agricultural products and processed products from about 90 farmers are sold here.


After entering the facility, the farm shop is on the left



Koshihikari rice from Myoko for 100 yen per about 150g

Still0723_00014The restaurant, where you can eat seafood, is on the right side after you enter the facilityStill0723_00013

At the venue, there was also the opportunity to buy bamboo dumplings(sasadango, chimaki), and a lottery to win gift certificates.Still0723_00018


An event is being held at the “Road Station Arai” until tomorrow 24th July (Friday).  There are stalls lined up on the lawn, so that you can enjoy the beer garden.