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    Summer discount campaign has started!

Let’s go to Sado Island with a car ♪
Summer discount campaign has started!



Up to 50% off!

Coming into the summer tourist season, Sado Ferry will begin the “Natsuwari” campaign from July. The passenger car fares will be discounted up to half price when travelling from the mainland.


There are two types of campaigns: “Weekend passenger car fare special discount” leaving the mainland on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays only; and, “My car senior special discount 60” for drivers over 60 years old. Same day return trips and one-way trips are not eligible for this discount. Advance reservations before the day of departure are required.

The round-trip fare for a single passenger car when departing from Naoetsu Port is usually from JPY 27,180 to JPY 47,270.  With the summer discount it will be JPY 24,740.


The “Weekend Car Fares Special Discount” is available from July 3 (Fri) to August 30 (Sun). It is only available for departures from the mainland on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You can return to the port of departure on weekdays if it is within the campaign period.2 The “My Car Senior Discount 60” is available from July 1 (Wednesday) to August 30 (Sunday). It is necessary to show your driver’s license at the time of boarding.

*Both discounts are not available from August 7th to August 16th.

Alcoholic disinfectants are available on board and at the terminals as a preventative measure against coronavirus infections. In addition, thermography is used to monitor the passenger’s temperature, and we request that passengers voluntarily enter their details onto a boarding list for contact tracing. The air conditioning is also closely monitored onboard.

A Sado Kisen representative said, “I think that the number of short-trips is increasing due to the coronavirus. It would be great if people chose Sado as their destination because there are ships that depart for Sado from Naoetsu Port.”

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