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【MOVIE】Summer in Japan Fireflies on Satoyama (Joetsu City)



A fantastic world of light!

Photographer: June 22, 2020

In Satoyama, Niigata Prefecture, fireflies have begun to fly again this year, and they are in full bloom.

This video is a firefly taken on June 22 at Mount Kanaya, Joetsu City. You can observe two types of “Genji firefly” and “Heike firefly” around Mount Kanaya.

Kanayayama has a learning facility where you can learn about fireflies. Based on this, the local citizen group “Joetsu Firefly Society” holds annual viewing events.This year the event was canceled due to the new coronavirus, but fireflies dance at night, and many people are visiting every day to see it.

According to the Joetsu Firefly Association, this year it started a little earlier than usual, about a week ago. This means that you can watch fireflies all this month.

*There are no street lights around. Please watch your steps carefully and enjoy the viewing.

Mt Kanaya Park

Address: Joetsu City Kanayayama Park
Access: 5 minutes by car from Joshinetsu Expressway Joetsu Takada IC
URL: http://j-hotaru.net/p02_yado.html

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