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MUJI, one of the largest in the world, will open at Naoetsu SC on the 20th of next month (Joetsu City)



The opening date of “MUJI Naoetsu”, which will open at the Naoetsu Shopping Center, was set to be Monday, the 20th of next month. The sales floor area is one of the largest in the world, and not only unbranded products in the store but also tenants such as the agricultural product market, Starbucks, Cardi coffee, etc. in cooperation with JA are expected to enter, and the Ryohin Keikaku plan to operate is in the middle of the local life. Is to aim.


With a sales floor area of about 5,000 m2, it is one of the largest stores in 31 countries in the world, and about 7,000 kinds of original food and clothing are displayed. We are also focusing on the deliciousness of local foods and developing the “Naotetsu Goods Market” in collaboration with JA. At the market, you can find local agricultural products, as well as “reasonable” vegetables,fruits, rice, liquor, processed products, etc., whose prices are low due to non-standards.

In addition to this, there is “Naotetsu Ryohin Shokudo”, which offers curry, ramen, set meals, and sweets, Starbucks coffee, which is the first MUJI store to open in the store, Kuzefuku Shoten, which is a delicious select shop, and Cardi Coffee Farm, which handles rare ingredients from around the world. Opening a store. Starbucks Coffee is a corner that focuses on food related books and picture books called MUJI BOOKS.


Ryohin Keikaku has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for regional revitalization with Kubiki Motor, which operates a shopping center, and Joetsu City. Based on this agreement, there will be a corner for breaks and self-study spaces inside the store, which will be open to the community. It will be used for holding events in the future.

According to the Ryohin Keikaku plan, the theme of the store is to be in the middle of the local lifestyle. The concept visual is “rice field and herring.” The Joetsu area is one of Japan’s leading rice fields. Since Kitamae ships carried herring to Naoetsu and supported rice cultivation as fertilizer, we want to become a useful existence for the town.


Concept visual of the store “rice field and herring”

With the opening of MUJI, Elmar will open the whole building on the same day. “I have great expectations that we can contribute to the revitalization of the entire region, including the Naoetsu area, to a considerable extent,” said Yamada, President and CEO of Kubiki Motor Corporation.

In the Muji, as an initiative of regional revitalization, it will be carried out mobile sales that take advantage of the bus of Kubikijidosha to prospect this fall. I also plan to participate in town development through art. Prior to the opening, it will be pre-opened from 16th to 19th of next month and neighbors will be invited.