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Exotic campground! Outland Handmade Camping Village



The heat has abated, making it a comfortable season to enjoy the outdoors.Here are some camp sites where you can enjoy boom camping to the fullest.

【Outland Handmade Camping Village】


Outland Handmade Camping Village in Tokamachi City is an exotic campground.The site area is approximately 3,000 tsubo, which is about the size of a baseball field.


This campground is a handmade campground built from scratch by the owner, Tomokazu Serikawa.


Originally, this area was all rice fields.It was 1997 when they began to build the campground by filling it with soil and planting 300 saplings.Now, 25 years later, it has become an exotic, handmade campground surrounded by flowers and greenery, attracting many people not only from within the prefecture but also from overseas.


The facility has six stylish log cabins, seven spaces for auto sites that can be used by cars, and tent sites.


Accommodation log (2 connected buildings) “Moon & Sun” for 5-6 persons 10,000 yen (tax included)

This is the log house “Moon & Sun”.


The natural texture of the wood is attractive in this log house, and the good smell of wood pervades the interior.It has a loft on top that is large enough for even an adult to sleep comfortably, and air conditioning is available.This log house is a two-connected type, with another similar room next to it.Since there are two rooms, two families can use it and enjoy barbecuing in the shared space in the middle.


Accommodation log “Showa” for 2-3 persons 7000 yen (tax included)

This facility is the last room that Mr. Serikawa built.The name of the log house is “Showa”.


The rooms have tatami mats and are hung with an old clock.The table furnished with a sunken hearth gives the place a Showa-era atmosphere.We dared to add work to the walls, pillars, and ceilings to make it look like an old house.


Auto site (with AC) 4,000 yen per plot (tax included)

The facility also has auto sites.Each plot has a power supply, and there is a lawn next to the space for cars, and tents can be pitched.This is the most remote of the lodging areas from the entrance, so you can relax and enjoy your private time while listening to the murmuring of the nearby river.


Rental Supplies

Since this is a campground, we are responsible for preparing our own meals.However, they can also deliver barbecue sets from a nearby kappo restaurant if you contact them in advance.


And if you are lucky, you may be able to try the curry Serikawa-san makes as a hobby.This curry is a Nepalese curry based on spices and onions, made only with chicken and vegetable flavor.


At night, the lamps decorating the buildings in the facility are lit, creating a fantastic atmosphere that is different from that of the daytime.

The Echigo-Tsumari region hosts the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial every three years. In 2006, the log cabin area in the facility was named “Exoticing in the Countryside” and in 2009, the barbecue area was named “Fairy Tales in the Countryside.


A Fairy Tale in the Countryside


A Fairy Tale in the Countryside

The title of the work, “A Fairy Tale in the Countryside,” was inspired by a memorable place where Mr. Serikawa often went with his daughter.The idea is to recreate the atmosphere of the big attractions of that dreamland.


This is another Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial work, Bonji-in, created in 2012.According to Mr. Serikawa, this facility was built to provide a guardian deity for the outlands because he heard that Sanskrit characters alone have the same benefits as stone Buddhas.And there is a special place in this building called the womb room.What that room looks like is a secret. Please visit and see for yourself.

The Outland Camping Village offers a slightly different camping experience, with stylish log cabins surrounded by flowers and greenery, and fantastic night views.Why don’t you go out to relieve your daily fatigue?


Tomokazu Serikawa, Owner
Outland is only open until October 2, but I hope you will come and enjoy the atmosphere.

Outland Handmade Camping Village

■Opening period: June through the end of September Check-in 13:00- / Check-out 11:00 ■Parking: 30 cars ■Entrance fee: 500 yen (adult), 300 yen (child) ■Rates: Overnight log cabin 6,000 yen-, tent site 1,500 yen, auto site 4,500 yen *Rental equipment must be requested in advance

Address: 4341-2 Shimogumi, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata
Tel: 090-3330-6541
Access: <Car> 25 minutes from Echigo-Kawaguchi IC on Kan-etsu Expressway via Route 117.
URL: outland.site

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