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【MOVIE】March 29-30: Sakura at Takada Park



29-30 days Sakura at Takada Park

On the 30th, Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture became calm and sunny with the blue sky spreading in the afternoon. At Takada Park, which declared flowering last week, many families enjoyed cherry blossoms.

The highest temperature in today’s Takada was 11.2 ° C, and the weather was winter-like and spring-like on the previous day. In the afternoon the blue sky spread and there were many families in Takada Park.

Somei Yoshino in Takada Park is now blooming for 3 minutes. On the other hand, at Sakura’s sample park at the Sannomaru site, weeping cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms are at their best.

Prior to the cherry-blossom viewing party, the lighting of the bonbons and the lighting of Takada Castle have started. Time until 9pm.

The Takada Castle Site Park Cherry Blossom Party will begin on April 1st.