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    “Kurumagakari 2021” has been Completed!

Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival Limited Sake
“Kurumagakari 2021” has been Completed!



The finest product prepared in the snow storage!

The limited sake “Kurumagakari 2021” made for the big autumn event “Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival” in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture has been completed, and the bottle was labeled on September 9th.

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The “Echigo Kenshin SAKE Festival” is held every October on Honcho street, Joetsu City, where sake breweries in the Joetsu region gather.  At the event, you can sample and purchase sake.  In addition, the limited sake “Kurumagakari” is produced every year, with the cooperation of local brewers.


This year, preparations were carried out at the Maruyama Sake Brewery in Sanwa Ward, and the original sake of Junmai Daiginjo was completed.  The sake rice used is “Koshitanrei” harvested in the local Tonowa district of Sanwa-Ward.  The resulting sake was aged in a snow room in Yasuzuka-Ward for about eight months.
* Junmai Daiginjo is a type of sake with less than 50% rice remaining (over 50% polished) and no distilled alcohol added.

President Maruyama Sanzaemon says, “We use yeast with a strong ginjo aroma, and it has a gorgeous scent. By storing it in the snow, the finish is smooth, leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth.”



“Kurumagari 2021” will be sold in 720ml bottles, limited to 2,000 bottles (2,200 yen including tax).

This year’s SAKE Festival is scheduled for October 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun).  However the date is subject to change depending on the corona virus special warning situation.

The sale of “Kurumagari 2021” will be announced on the official website at a later date.