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    (Takeda Shuzo in Ogata Ward, Joetsu City)

New strawberry flavored sake!
(Takeda Shuzo in Ogata Ward, Joetsu City)



Perfect for spring, enjoy the sweet taste and feel mellow!

A long-established sake brewery, Takeda Shuzo, founded in Ogata Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture in 1866, will launch a unique strawberry-flavored sake from March 10th.
Speaking of Takeda Shuzo, the Japanese sake “Katafune” is famous, but what kind of sake is it?


This is the strawberry flavored sake “Ichigo Hana”.
Takeda Shuzo, located in Ogata Ward, Joetsu, has been developing this product for five years, in collaboration with a farm called “Ichigo no Hanakotoba” in the same area.


“Ichigo Hana” is a sake-based liqueur.  The alcohol content is 9%.  Ripe strawberries are harvested at the farm “Ichigo no Hanakotoba”, after which they are dipped in sugar, and then the syrup is extracted.  Then it is blended with our own brand sake, “Katafune”.

The strawberry syrup can only be made once a year, and through trial and error a satisfactory result has been achieved.


Senior Managing Director Takeda said ”I took a sample to retail stores and asked customers to drink it. 
I got a better response from women than men.   A typical response was: the flavor and taste of strawberries came out, and it was amazing!  I thought ”Okay! We did it!“


Five days prior to its release on March 10th, the products were bottled and labeled.
The packaging is designed to appeal to young women.


Production is limited to 300 bottles, and there are already over 150 reservations.

Still0305_00006Miki Takeda, who is in charge of the development said, “I am proud of this collaboration between Ogata’s strawberry and Ogata’s sake.  I want people to know that there are such good things in Ogata Ward.  I want as many people as possible to enjoy this drink. “



“Ichigo Hana” costs 1,360 yen (excluding tax) for a 300ml bottle.  It will be released from March 10th at shops selling “Katafune” in Joetsu City and Myoko City.

Takeda Shuzo

Address: 171 Kamikobunatsuhama,
Tel: 025-534-2320
Access: About 30 minutes from Joetsu Myoko Station
URL: http://www.katafune.jp/sake.html

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