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    (Oshima-ku, Joetsu City)

Campground Guide-Shobu Kogen Cottage-
(Oshima-ku, Joetsu City)



Focusing on camps that have become increasingly popular in recent years, we are doing our best to publicize the campgrounds that are open in the Joetsu area (Joetsu City, Myoko City, Itoigawa City).  Not only detailed information on each campground, but also spots recommended by the editorial department will be posted.  It’s good to have fun with your family, or to enjoy your time as a solo camper.  Why don’t you go out to play in the great outdoors?

Log house style rental villa in the wilds of Joetsu!

These cottages are located on the Shobu Plateau (meaning “iris” in English) at an altitude of 700 meters in Oshima-ku, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.  To access the Shobu Plateau, turn at the intersection of National Highway 253 in Odaira, Oshima-Ward, and head toward Ojima Station on the Hokuhoku Line (prefectural highway No. 13).  After climbing the mountain road for about 14.5 km, you will arrive at the Shobu Plateau surrounded by nature.  Ten cottages are located on the plateau.

As the name suggests, irises are in full bloom in early July, and in autumn it becomes a pampas grass field through which a refreshing breeze blows.  If the weather is nice, the sky will be full of stars at night.

This is a view on the way to the plateau. You can enjoy the views of nature from the road. You will find yourself surrounded by mountains, rice fields and rivers.

At higher altitudes, there are view spots overlooking the Sea of Japan.

There are signs you can see on the way to the cottage, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.  Please note that there are no places in the area where you can buy groceries.

If you see the sign for the Shobu Plateau, the cottages are a few hundred meters away.

When you arrive at the Shobu Plateau, please first visit the Shobu Plateau Bell House in the administration building to register.  In the administration building, you can rent a barbecue set that includes a stove and charcoal.  In addition, table tennis and karaoke in the facility can be used free of charge.

There are a total of 10 cottages scattered around the Shobu Plateau, for 6 or 9 people.  All cottages are two-storied buildings.

The interiors of the cottages are bright and equipped with a TV, refrigerator, kitchen utensils, microwave and rice cooker.

This makes it perfect for cooking your own dishes with ingredients you have brought with you.

There are two types of cottages: six bath types (no pets) and four shower types (pets allowed).  However, as of August 2021, the shower type rooms cannot be used due to the heavy snowfall last winter.  Please check with the administration building for details.

Each cottage has a large flooring space on the second floor, which is a bedroom.

Some rooms have tatami mats on the first floor.

From the second floor of the cottage (building G for 9 people) on the hill, you can see two waterfalls, Otaki and Kotaki, both with a height of about 50 meters.  There is also an observatory near the waterfall.

It is possible to park 4-5 cars around the cottage.  It is also possible to set up a tent outside and stay overnight.

<Usage period>
July 1st-October 31st
<Closed days>
Every Thursday (open every Thursday in August)

■ Day trip: Basic charge only
■ Accommodation: {Basic charge + (1,530 yen x number of guests)} x Number of nights
■ Basic charge
Bus type (no pets) for 9 people 12,230 / night for 6 people 8,150 yen / night
Shower type (pets allowed) 9 people 9,170 yen / night 6 people 6,120 yen / night
* All prices include tax
* Before holidays, Fridays and Saturdays, the basic charge will increase by 3,060 yen.
* 1,020 yen discount on basic charge for 2 consecutive nights or more


Recommended by the editorial department

The Most Delicious Tokoroten in Japan   *Tokoroten is Gelidium(a type of seaweed) jelly

Founded in 1885. “The Most Delicious Tokoroten in Japan” located in Shimotateyama, Oshima-Ward, Joetsu City.  It opens from late April to mid-October.  Especially in the summer, it is a popular spot for people seeking an escape from the heat.  It is on your left on the way to the Shobu Kogen on Prefectural Road 13.  Please enjoy Oshima’s famous Tokoroten!

Fireflies in the Nigami area

Oshima-Ward is also popular as a spot where you can appreciate fireflies.  Genji fireflies and Heike fireflies fly around the Nigami area. It is a good opportunity to see them on your way to the Shobu plateau from mid-June to July every year.  If the timing is right, you may be able to see the fireflies dancing as shown in the picture.

Shobu Kogen Cottage (Shobu Kogen Management Association)

■ Operating period: July 1 - October 31, 2024

Address: 2962-3 Shobu, Oshima-Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 025-594-2030
URL: https://www.city.joetsu.niigata.jp/soshiki/oshima-ku/oshima-shobukougen.html

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