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    Umigatari Summer Dolphin Performance Starts on July 17th

The theme is festival!
Umigatari Summer Dolphin Performance Starts on July 17th



There is also a trainer experience where  you can give the sign to jump to the dolphins!

The summer version of the Dolphin Performance “Japanese-Style Performance: Festival” will start on Saturday, July 17th at Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.


The Dolphin Performance this year has followed the theme of “Japanese-Style” since April.  For the summer, the theme starting on the 17th is “Festival”.


Two bottlenose dolphins perform various jumps to the light music of the summer festival.  In addition, the spectators at the venue will clap their hands to participate, and the spectators, bottlenose dolphins, and trainers will come together to liven up the festival.  Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the venue comes together and everyone enjoys the show by participating by clapping together without raising their voices.

In addition, you can have the experience of a trainer if you are selected from the audience to give a jump sign to the dolphins.  The type of sign changes every time, so the audience can look forward to seeing what kind of jump the dolphin will perform.

This year is the fourth summer since Umigatari opened in 2017.  The dolphin performances this summer will include new productions, and you will be able to feel the maturity of bottlenose dolphins and the bonds they have made with their trainers.


A viewing stamp is required on the ticket to view the Dolphin Performance.  The stamp can be received next to the escalator on the 1st floor starting 1 hour before the program starts.


In addition, for admission during the consecutive holidays from July 22nd (Thursday / holiday) to 25th (Sunday) and during the Obon holiday period from August 7th (Saturday) to 15th (Sunday), a timed online admission reservation ticket Is required.  Please make an admission reservation for all visitors on the Umigatari official website. Also, for those who purchased advance tickets at convenience stores, etc., a WEB admission reservation ticket is required to enter during the above period.  For details, please see the Umigatari official website.

Dolphin Performance “Japanese Style: Festival”
■ Period: July 17th (Sat) -September 5th (Sun)

[July 17th (Sat) -August 6th (Fri) / August 16th (Mon) -31st (Tue)]
① 9: 30 ~ ② 11: 00 ~ ③ 12: 30 ~ ④ 14: 00 ~ ⑤ 15: 30 ~

[August 7th (Sat) -15th (Sun)]
① 8: 30 ~ ② 10: 00 ~ ③ 11: 30 ~ ④ 13: 00 ~ ⑤ 14: 30 ~ ⑥ 16: 00 ~

[September 1st (Wednesday) -3rd (Friday)]
①11: 00 ~ ②13: 00 ~ ③15: 00 ~

[September 4th (Sat) -5th (Sun)]
① 10: 30 ~ ② 12: 00 ~ ③ 13: 30 ~ ④ 15: 00 ~

Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari

Address: 2-15-15 Gochi, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 025-543-2449
URL: http://www.umigatari.jp/joetsu/

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