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Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022 > CUPIDVALLEY(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)/vol.19

A wide variety of courses for the whole family to enjoy! December 25 – March 13 (schedule) CUPIDVALLEY, a snowman…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> Itoigawa Seaside Valley Ski Resort(Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture) vol.18

You can enjoy a 360-degree panorama from the top of the mountain! December 29 (Wednesday) to mid-March Itoigawa Seaside Valley…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022>Seki Onsen Ski Resort(Myoko City)/vol.17

A gathering of core fans! Top-class ski resort with heavy snowfall December 23 – May 5 The Seki Onsen Ski…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022>Kyukamura Myoko Runrun Ski Area(Myoko City)/vol.16

First time skiing! Perfect for your slope debut December 18 – March 31 A ski resort adjacent to the “Kyukyumura…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022>Ikenotaira Onsen Alpine Black Ski Resort(Myoko City)/vol.15

One of the widest slopes in the country! December 18 – March 27 Ikenotaira Onsen Alpine Black Ski Resort is…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022>Prince Snow Resort Myoko Suginohara(Myoko City)/vol.14

The longest course is 8.5 km long! Free lift for elementary school students December 25 – March 27   The…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022>AKAKURA ONSEN SKI AREA(Myoko City)/vol.13

One of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan, the high quality powder attracts skiers!December 19 (Sunday) – April 3 (Sunday)…

Ski resort

Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture) / vol.11

Good access and good snow conditions! December 18 – May 5 (schedule) It is only an 8-minute drive from the…

Ski resort

Lotte Arai Resort (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture) / vol.12

An overwhelming amount of snow and one of the best unpressurized snow areas in Japan December 18 – May 15 (schedule)…

Ski resort

Charmant Hiuchi Ski Resort (Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture) / vol.10

In the vast unpressurized snow area, enjoy the line you envisioned!December 17 – May 5. The Charman Hiuchi Ski Resort…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> Togakushi Ski Field(Nagano Nagano City)/vol.9

The course boasts a spectacular view of the Togakushi Federation and a variety of course layouts! December 11 – March…

Ski resort

<Niigata Joetsu Ski Resort Guide 2021-2022> TANGRAM SKI CIRCUS(Shinano-machi, Nagano Prefecture)/vol.8

Ski, play, and stay in one place! December 18 – April 3 It takes about 20 minutes by car from…