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    The “Minna no Tokitetsu Contest” will be held for two categories this year!

Award-winning works will appear in a calendar!
The “Minna no Tokitetsu Contest” will be held for two categories this year!



Echigo Tokimeki Railway, a railway company based in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, will hold the “The 6th Minna no Tokitetsu Contest” (“Tokitetsu Contest for Everyone”).  For this year, the railway company is currently looking for works in the two categories of photographs and illustrations, which are based on Echigo Tokimeki Railway’s vehicles and station buildings.


Two years ago, the railway held “The Tokitetsu Photo Contest” and last year they held “The Tokitetsu Oekaki(drawing) Contest”, but from this year these works will be combined into one contest.


The categories are the photography category and the illustration category.  The application period is from June 1st (Tuesday) to August 22nd (Sunday).  The work must arrive within this period.  The successful works will be selected by the company, and a total of about 30 awards for excellence will be selected from the two categories.  The winners will be presented with Tokitetsu merchandise, and may also appear on Tokitetsu 2022 calendars and posters.

In the illustration category, you can also apply with a hari-e (pasted picture) or chigiri-e (collage). Entries from families and children are also welcome!  Please have a try!

The 6th Minnano Toki Tetsu Contest
■ Application period: Must arrive from June 1st (Tuesday) to August 22nd (Sunday)
■ Award announcement: In September
■ Associated lines: Myoko Haneuma Line (between Naoetsu St. and Myoko Kogen St.), Nihonkai-Hisui Line (between Naoetsu St. and Ichiburi St.)
■ Number of entries: Up to 3 per person
■ Conditions:
Photograph category: must be a photograph of trains or station buildings on the Echigo Tokimeki line.
Illustration category: the work should be based on Tokitetsu trains, station buildings, employees, and characters (Tokitetsu-kun, Nagine Rei from Takada St. and others from five stations).  The size of the work must be a minimum of postcard size (100 mm x 148 mm) and a maximum of A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm).
* For other details, please see the back of the leaflet or the website.

【Application method】
① E-mail (Photo Photo or illustration categories)
Application: contest-2021@echigo-tokimeki.co.jp
Subject: 6th Minna no Tokitetsu Contest Application Section
In the text, enter your name (please enter your initials or pen name if you prefer, as this will be the name announced for the winners), age, gender, zip code, address, telephone number, and total number of entries.  In the photography category, please enter the shooting location and shooting date for each work.

② By post (Illustration category only)
Application: 1-1-1, Azuma-cho, Joetsu-shi, Niigata 942-0003
Echigo Tokimeki Railway Co., Ltd. Sales Department
“The 6th Minna no Tokitetsu Contest Application Section”
* The work will not be returned.

■ Inquiries: TEL 025-543-7889 (Echigo Tokimeki Railway Co., Ltd.)
■ Homepage: https://www.echigo-tokimeki.co.jp/