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“#Joetsu Moyo” Photo Contest Let’s deliver the spring of Joetsu City to the whole country!



Applications for the photo contest, which recruits scenes from the rich nature of Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, and familiar spring scenes, have begun.


Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, uses Instagram to attach the original hashtag “#Joetsu Moyo” to convey the charm of the region such as townscape, nature, history, and food. As part of the photo contest, the photos and words taken by the citizens will be used to disseminate the state and scenery of Joetsu, and to have people outside the region see the photos and create an opportunity to visit Joetsu. is.

The theme this time is “A scene from spring in Joetsu City”.

The person in charge of the Joetsu City Tourism Exchange Promotion Division is calling out, “I want you to take a picture of the spring-like appearance of Joetsu City that you found from your point of view and post a lot.”

Photos are limited to those taken in Joetsu. You can apply for as many photos as you like, but only one prize will be awarded to each person. If the same person wins multiple accounts, the top prize will be awarded. Anyone, professional or amateur, can apply. The application period is from April 1st (Thursday) to May 5th (Wednesday), and the Grand Prix will be presented with a pair ticket for Echigo Tokimeki Resort Setsugekka.

The submitted works will be voted by the citizens of Joetsu, and the winning works will be announced on the official account of Kenkenzu and the website of Joetsu Tourism Navi.

[How to apply for a work]
(1) Download the Instagram app, search for the official account of Joetsu Tadayoshi Corps Kenkenzu (@kenkenzu _joetsu_niigata), and follow it.
② If you post a photo with the hashtag “#Joetsu Moyo”, your application is complete.

“# Joetsu Moyo” Photo Contest-Spring News-
■ Application period: April 1st (Thursday) -May 5th (Wednesday)
■ Prize: Grand Prix (1 person) Echigo Tokimeki Resort Yuzuki Hana Pair Ticket / Excellence Award (3 people) Hana yori Dango Set (Assortment of rice and sake) / Prize (6 people) Original novelty goods
■ Inquiries: ℡025-526-5111 (Joetsu City Tourism Exchange Promotion Division)
* When applying, please check the notes and operation policy of “#Joetsu Moyo” before posting.